Elden Ring: Why you need to get active

In the months since FromSoftware’s elden ring Released, the game has met nothing but excellent reviews. The open world game features stunning graphics, stories, and visuals, most notably the enemies that must be defeated. Along the journey of the ill-fated protagonist to recover the legendary Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord, they must first … Read more

The 8 best indie games on GeForce right now

Streaming video games pushes the medium forward. Although there are still a lot of kinks to discover, it was a viable way to enjoy cross-platform gaming for people with a good internet connection. Related Topics: Best GeForce RPG Right Now GeForce Now constantly adds new games to its roster every Thursday. If you use the … Read more

Scarlet and Violet Pokemon may not have level scaling. This is bad.

Comment on this story Suspension During Wednesday’s Pokémon Presents, developer Game Freak revealed a sprawling open world for players to explore in “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokémon Violet.” In upcoming titles, players will roam the giant Spain-inspired map over a legendary Pokémon – Corydon or Miraidon – that can transform into a water scooter, glider, motorbike, … Read more

Sifu Boss Fights Ranking

From worst to best: the ranking of the bosses Sevo Sevo A thrilling journey through the day of revenge against the five killers who killed a father and left their child to die. Sloclap’s lively plot takes place over the shoulders of five stunning battles that reveal more about their characters and test the player’s … Read more

Pokemon Gen 5 and 6 Remakes may be the reason why certain Pokemon are lost when switching

Despite the controversy over Tech 8 Pokemon Pokedexes died out when The Pokemon Company announced an expansion card for Pokemon Sword And the shieldMany iconic pocket monsters are still missing on the Switch. Among the most lovable lost monsters are the 5th and 6th generation beginners, along with some forgotten Pokemon like Skiddo and Gogoat … Read more

Intel Arc beta driver fixes Forza Horizon 5, Call of Duty bugs, and more

saiyan sen Newwen · July 30, 2022 at 01:46 EST Today, Intel released Windows DCH driver version for Arc Alchemist discrete GPUs. The new driver brings several graphics corruption bug fixes and application crash fixes. For example, the driver decides in popularity Call of duty as well as in Forza Horizon 5, among other … Read more