10 games to play while you wait for Breath of the Wild 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It is popular with gamers due to its open world. Breath of the Wild 2 As of this writing, the release has been delayed until Spring 2023. Players will need something else to entertain them and keep them occupied until Breath of the Wild 2 Available.

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Many open world games have aspects similar to Breath of the wild. Some emphasize exploring the world to advance in the game. Examples include elden ringAnd the Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and more. Others have more storylines and linear worlds, such as Rune Factory 4. But they still encourage exploration. They also encourage different activities to enhance the main story and learn more about the worlds and characters.

10 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity shows a different look at Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Catastrophe It is taken from the past Breath of the wild. Players hack and slash through enemy groups while achieving different objectives in each mission. Some missions follow the main storyline and are mandatory to complete the game, but many others are side missions that give more depth to certain characters. They also provide opportunities for upgrades and new abilities. With the release of the Expansion Pass DLC in 2021, players will have access to play as Purah and Robbie characters as a single unit, and Sooga. They also have access to challenges, enemies, weapon types, and new story stages.

9 Kirby and the Forgotten Land is another big world for players to explore

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Welcome to the Wandaria Entrance.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Not an open world like Breath of the Wild But it offers an unforgettable 3D world. It’s the first 3D Kirby Toy. It has a colorful world full of places to explore, mini-games, unforgettable bosses, and more. As Kirby continues to develop the main game, this leads to the rebuilding of a city filled with the rescued Waddle Dees. This opens up more opportunities for activities such as fishing and serving Waddle Dees as part of a small game. There is even a tournament in which the player can fight the Meta Knight.

8 Elden Ring has many comparisons with the same wild

Screenshot of Malenia's appearance during the first phase of the boss fight, as seen on the Elden Ring.

elden ring Many comparisons with Breath of the wild Thanks to the open world aspect. The player must restore the Elden Ring and later become Lord Elden. Part of their main mission also includes finding all the great runes.

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Players can discover new skills by exploring more of the map. They can be exchanged for a variety of equipment, weapons, and items that players find within the world. Players can craft useful tools and further customize their characters. They can also summon spirits to help them in battle. Co-op play is also allowed for players to explore the world together.

7 Pokemon Legends: Arceus also compared to Breath Of The Wild

Pokemon Legends Arceus Cobalt Coastlands Growlithe

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is perfect Pokemon A game for anyone who wants to play in an open world. Many compare it to . Breath of the Wild And the Arceus It shares many similarities. Players can catch Pokémon and battle other characters throughout the game. They also have a huge world to explore. Players can be chased, attacked and even kicked out by Pokémon, which is something new in Pokemon Franchise business. Players can also visit villages, interact with other characters, and complete side quests. They have opportunities to craft items like Pokéballs and other useful gadgets to explore later.

6 Horizon: Forbidden West with rich open worlds and history to explore

Screenshot from a scene with Regalla, Aloy and Kotallo, as seen in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Horizon: Forbidden West after events Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game has a player who controls Aloy. Aloy explores a post-apocalyptic setting full of dangerous monsters. unlike Breath of the Wild The player can also explore underwater. They must use a combination of tools and disguise to navigate the world, defeat enemies, and learn more about the world. The immersive role-playing is praised by many players. There is also an increased focus on exploration compared to before horizon Toy.

5 Moonlighter has the player who runs a shop by day and explores dungeons by night

Moonlight by day adventurous by night

moon light Make the player run a shop a day. Then they explore dungeons at night to collect new items to sell. The layout of each dungeon is randomly selected with each new journey. The player will always be on their toes when exploring the dungeon, especially when they open new doors.

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They can sell the items they collect to buy and store upgrades for their armor. Some purchases can make their store bigger. As the player continues to explore and sell new items, he can learn more about previous adventurers. These adventurers passed through the dungeons but could not get out by morning.

4 Tree Savior has many missions and events for the player to explore

Promo image for Tree Of Savior

savior tree It is an MMORPG full of many missions and events. Some missions are part of the main story, but many others are side quests or part of seasonal events. savior tree It offers a rich fantasy world where they can play through adventures alone or co-op if desired with other teams. There are many player versus player options. These challenges include Team Battle League, Gemstone Feud, Guild and Guild Territory Wars. There are also many categories that the player can choose from. Five basic classes are available at the beginning of the game. Players have options to advance to three more classes later.

3 Rakuen requires player exploration to advance in the main story

Promotional image for Rakuen

raquin It makes the player travel between the fantasy game world and the natural world. This means that the player character is dying of disease, but he lives one last adventure by exploring the two worlds and helping the inhabitants of each. Some quests are part of the side quests that help develop the surrounding characters. Other missions apply to the main story.

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This is my line more than Breath of the wild. Some areas are restricted until the player completes certain objectives. But the informative story, character development, and other elements make up for it.

2 Rune Factory 4 has the player amnesiac

at Rune Factory 4 The player loses his memory after falling from a balloon and entering the city of Sylvain. The player is mistaken as the new prince or princess who rules the city. They must learn to farm, cook, fight and complete other tasks to help the townspeople. Many of the missions are side quests dedicated to the player to get to know the inhabitants of the city. The game world expands as the player continues to complete the missions related to the main game. There is no time limit on how fast the player needs to complete the main game. The player can take some time to complete the main tasks and participate in the city events. They are likely to be romantic, singles and singles.

1 Minecraft has the player exploring new terrain and making their way through the game

'Minecraft' title image Above center, above Minecraft Steve and Alex, tamed wolf, pig, sheep, skeleton, creeper, zombie, and spider on a hill of grass.

Maine Craft It is famous for having random worlds and many enemies. There are endless opportunities to build anything possible. Some players use this game to create amazing structures and camps. The game encourages players to explore as much as possible. By doing so, the player learns new recipes and finds new materials. They can also meet villagers from different villages, explore dark caves, climb mountains, and even go underwater. Players can play Maine Craft Through many modes such as Survival Mode, Adventure Mode and Creative Mode.

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