10 Pokemon That Will Make Bosses Scary In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is easily one of the biggest games of 2022. Not only because of the challenging and satisfying gameplay but because of the deep lore. George R.R. Martin worked with FromSoftware to develop the setup that made Elden Ring iconic. This type of world building is very similar to another game series: Pokemon.

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While the plot of the Pokemon games is fairly straightforward, what makes the world of Pokemon feel so real are the people you interact with and the Pokedex entries that provide weird and detailed information about these monsters. These Pokemon can easily be found in the Lands Between, fitting in the Elden Ring universe.

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10/10 Parasect

Parasect is widely considered one of the most fearsome Pokemon not of the Ghost type. Based on the caterpillar fungus, Parasect is an insect that has been completely taken over by the fungus on its back.

This works especially well with Elden Ring because it’s a really terrifying idea for a monster. Furthermore, running into a giant copy of Parasect in a jungle will make the player’s pulse race. Just ask anyone who’s played Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Parasect fits in perfectly with the likes of Rune Bear and Giant Land Octopus.

9/10 Ninjask / Shidinga

Ninjask and Shedinja are part of the most interesting evolution process in all of Pokemon. If you train your Nincada at level 20 and leave an open place in your deck, you will evolve into Ninjask and Shedinja. Shedinja represents the husk left by the cicada as it grows and has the unique ability Wonder Guard. This can make for a great fight.

You’ll start fighting a Ninjask: an incredibly fast opponent who doesn’t have much health behind him. After she is defeated, a ghost representing Shedinja will form. It will be just as powerful as Ninjask, but much slower and can only be hit with certain attacks. This will require you to think ahead and do some research to find out their weaknesses.

8/10 Drakovich

Dracovish turns out to be the surprising strength of the Sword and Shield, with a high attack paired with his powerful jaw and his signature Fishious Rend movement. Furthermore, the Dracovish is the result of two separate fossils fused together, making a monstrosity that was never supposed to exist. That’s why it looks like a giant fish head on top of the T-Rex’s body.

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It seems like every Soulborne game has someone tempting fate by making an experiment they shouldn’t. Why can’t Dracovish be one of those hideous outcomes? Have him live in a low, flooded cell so he can breathe now and then between devastating attacks. Dracovish will not only be a powerful beast but a reminder of the arrogance of its creator.

7/10 Mega Mauel

Although Mawile is pretty bad in battle, her Mega Evolution is incredibly powerful. It also has a wonderful origin. Based on the game Futakuchi-una yokai, Mauel lure enemies with his good-looking face before attacking them with the massive jaws on the back of his head.

For Elden Ring lore, it’s best to draw on Mawile’s inspiration. Make him look like an innocent child or a virgin, and once he lure you into a false sense of security, he can attack you. The fight will mainly consist of the player dribbling two jaw-like horns to eventually reach the back of it to strike. Mawile has one of the unique designs in Pokemon, and he’s sure to be an unforgettable boss on the Elden Ring.

6/10 gooselord

Known as Junkivore Pokemon, the Ultra Beast Guzzlord will devour everything around it and never spawn it. It has brutal HP and good attack, which means it will hit you hard and last for a while. All this, combined with his Lovecraftian appearance, makes Guzzlord one of the most terrifying Pokemon in the series.

A Guzzlord could easily be a new form of a gluttonous king who used their position to eat whatever they wanted and engage in lecherous behavior, like Henry VIII. As a form of punishment, he turned into a monster that could only eat and eventually eat his entire court. It’s a fairly simple explanation, but it is undoubtedly effective.

5/10 Froslas

Froslass is another yokai-based Pokemon, this time being yuki-onna. The entries for Froslass’ Pokedex are particularly disturbing, as they state that a woman who got lost on a snowy mountain died in a snowstorm. In response, her soul and regret were born as Froslass.

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What makes Froslass particularly interesting for a boss fight comes from another dex entry: “When he finds a human or a Pokémon he likes, he freezes them and takes them to his cold lair, where they become adornments.” Imagine that you are walking through a snowstorm on top of a snowy mountain, find a cave in which to seek shelter, and then run into a room with Froslass surrounded by frozen snow like you. This would send chills down anyone’s spine.

4/10 Nidocoin and Nidoking

Nidoqueen and Nidoking are based on kaiju and share the physical aspects of many animals ranging from rhinos to rabbits. They are the male and female counterparts of each other, with the two of them covered in armor-like scales made of poisoned needles.

These two would probably be more effective as a duo. In terms of background, Nidoking and Nidoqueen were once a gentleman and lady known for their poisonous tongues, barbs, and generally poisonous personalities. They were so hated by everyone that they eventually chased them into a tree patch, where they hid for a long time. However, the poison needles fused with their bodies instead of killing them and turning them into the king and queen of needles.

3/10 hacksore

Haxorus is one of the scariest dragon Pokemon, especially if you’re looking for a glossy version. This is due to the ax-like fangs sticking out of its head. Haxorus hits opponents with these by swinging his head like a giraffe. This would make for a fun and challenging fight!

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Not only will you have to time your shuffles well, but the story has great potential. Haxorus was originally your standard dragon. When he was about to eliminate a knight with a bite, he stabbed the knight with his mighty ax directly into Haxorus’ jaw. Haxorus pinned it down, but this caused the ax blade to become permanently stuck in its mouth similar to Godrick the Grafted. Now she also uses that as a weapon, swinging her head at any threat approaching her.

2/10 Hoba

The game is called Elden Ring. There must be at least one Pokemon around the rings, right? Based on the djinn, Hoopa is a mythical mischievous Pokemon that has the ability to send anything and everything anywhere it wants, distorting space and time. What makes it particularly interesting is its unrestricted shape which is much larger, stronger and intimidating.

Hoopa can fight after sending you a series of fetch missions to destroy the chains and keep them confined, represented by five episodes, offering the player endless riches. He can then use an additional ring to take the player directly to the area the ring is in. However, once all six episodes are reunited, Hoopa turns into Hoopa Unbound and tries to destroy the player. This could make for an epic optional boss.

1/10 Triple Creation and Arceus

Honestly, this seems to be the most obvious. With Elden Ring looking more exciting than other Soulsborne games, it makes sense that the Legendary Pokemon would find their place there. And these Pokemon are easily the most powerful in terms of knowledge.

Their presence seems especially justified because these Pokemon reflect huge concepts. Dialga represents time, Palkia represents space, Giratina represents antimatter, and Arceus is literally God. Furthermore, the creative trio contains larger and larger alternate origin forms. All of these creatures are powerful and powerful enough to create or destroy worlds. Putting them in the Elden Ring seems inconsequential.

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