A hidden detail raises the risks of fighting Godfrey

Even months after the release elden ring, Critics still consider the huge FromSoftware one of the best games of the year, and fans are still finding new details and secrets while exploring the Lands Between. One such detail was posted on Reddit by user M24Spirit, who pointed out a detail not easily missed in the cinema before fighting Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

Like many of the main bosses in the game, Godfrey’s intro scene sees him as the player’s soliloquy about his goal to become the Elden Lord before challenging them to fight. What makes this particular scene stand out is the faint, but determinant ray of grace that leads from player-controlled Godfrey to Tarnished and what these small details mean for the stakes of the combat that the player will take on.

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One of the first things players learn elden ring It revolves around the guidance of grace, golden rays of light that extend from the locations of grace, guiding the player in the direction they need to travel to advance in the game. elden ring Science explains them as guiding lights to be able to see them, leading them on their journey to become the ancient lord. In the game, this means that a blessing will guide the player towards the next boss, usually demigods that must be defeated to complete the game.

The fact that grace refers to the player and not to Godfrey is a clever and accurate example of elden ring‘s Environmental storytelling that shows how powerful the player is. Godfrey, like the player, is disfigured, becoming the first player after losing the Great Will’s blessing and his title of Elden Lord. Now, it’s time to take it back, and as the player has done throughout the entire game, he must defeat a great opponent to do so: the player himself.

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This shift in perspective does a lot to show how high the stakes are. Immediately after Godfrey is the door to Erdtree, where the player faces the game’s final boss to take the Elden Lord’s mantle. While Godfrey is the last step before that for the player, this inverted guiding blessing indicates that the player is the last step that Godfrey should take as well. Unlike previous battles, where lowly villains fought against demigods and superpowered monsters, this battle is about two strong people pitted against each other, both very close to taking over the mantle.

The other chiefs elden ring It seeks to prevent the world from moving forward, as defeating the player means that these gods will simply go back to their business. However, if Godfrey can truly defeat the player and take his runes, he will probably go on to make his own new era just as the player can do once the final boss is defeated. The only thing stopping him is the player.

FromSoftware games often don’t choose to show a player how strong and accomplished they are with their experiences, and these little details do a lot to legitimize the hours of battles a player fought to get to the end. elden ring It has a number of endings, and knowing that Godfrey was so close provides plenty of plot for how the existing lands might change if the other one could reclaim his title as First Lord.

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