All Lost Ashes of War locations

Lost Ashes of War are very useful in Elden Ring, but they can be hard to find. Here’s how to get all the ashes of war.

In Elden Ring, there are a plentiful amount of items that you can collect to protect yourself, get rid of diseases, or even upgrade your existing device. Smithing Stones are used to upgrade weapons and armor while Gloveworts are used to upgrade Spirit Ashes. But is there anything to upgrade Ashes of War?

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Lost Ashes of War is a very useful item if you want to use one skill on another weapon. The problem is to find and recover these lost ashes as they are scattered all over the lands in between.


Ashes of lost war sites

Element Steps to recover the lost ashes of war Site
Lost ashes of war There is one available in the Isolated Merchant on The Weeping Peninsula for 3000 runes. In the far west of the peninsula you can find his hut. Crying Peninsula
Lost ashes of war Isolated Merchant sells it at Raya Lucaria for 4,000 rupees. After passing through the blue seal on the academy’s main gate, take the hill to the east, then to the south. lornia lakes
Lost ashes of war A waterwheel lift can be found at the bottom of the cliff near the Grace Raya Lucaria Academy site. There will be one here (After you ride the elevator down, jump over the crystals to the west.) lornia lakes
Lost ashes of war The Hermit Merchant in Ainsel River sells one for 3,000 rupees. Ainsle River
Lost ashes of war The Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow sells two for 5,000 runes each. Caelid
Lost ashes of war There will be a large cave with giant purple crystals on the Celia Expressway. It will be a dead body. There will be a vengeance guarding the lost ashes of war, so be careful. Caelid
Lost ashes of war There will be 2 winged ladies frequenting. Find the ledge behind the wooden platform. The lost ashes will be waiting for you here Liurnia of lakes, scattered abyss
Lost ashes of war In the Sage Cave on the Altus Plateau, look at the first chest after the Skeleton Warriors. Altus plateau
Lost ashes of war Outside Lyndell, there is a locked northeast gate; Here you will find the missing ashes. Altus Plateau, Lindell
Lost ashes of war In the Leyndell Sewer Tunnels, little enemies past, you’ll find the lost ashes at the end of a long tunnel. Be careful, because the Fingercreeper clings to the wall that guards it. Altus Plateau, Lindell
Lost ashes of war Outside the Dung Eater dungeon, there would be one on the hanging corpse. When you get close, a giant hand monster will appear from the ground. Underground bends
Lost ashes of war On the narrow hills in the mountaintops of The Giants, there will be a corpse with an element shortly after the enemy with a whip. mountain peaks of giants
Lost ashes of war A merchant imprisoned inside the Mausoleum of the Mohoen Dynasty sells one for 5,000 runes. Mohgoins Palace
Lost ashes of war In Miquela’s Halligate canopy, there will be a corpse on a statue; You can find another one on this site. highlighter

How to use the lost ashes of war

Lost Ashes of War has no affinity per se, and you can’t use it without bringing it to a blacksmith. Travel to the Roundtable and present the Smithing Master Hewg with the lost ashes of war. In return, it will allow you to copy the normal ashes of war into your inventory.

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