All the voice actors for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

death light 2The sequel to the original 2015 post-apocalyptic zombie game, it expanded on its predecessor with a larger number and more characters. at Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Players control a new protagonist, Aiden Cladwell, as he ventures through the fictional city of Villedor in search of his missing sister, Mia.

Players are taken on a journey in death light 2 The endings of the game can vary depending on the decisions you make while playing the game. However, the thing that always remains constant in it death light 2 They are the actors and actresses who brought these characters to life.

These are all the voice actors in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Voice Actor Aidan Caldwell – Jonah Scott

main protagonist death light 2 She was voiced by Jonah Scott. Scott is a voice actor who got his first role in 2019 as Pheonix one punch man the second season. This isn’t Scott’s first outing as the franchise’s main hero either; He also plays Legoshi, a silver wolf who plays the main character in the popular anime monsters.

After starting in monsters Scott has expanded his voice acting experience with major roles in animations such as home road And the Super CrocsHe played the main protagonists, Tatsuo and Johnny Bolt, respectively. Mostly known for his work in animation, death light 2 It is Scott’s first major role in a video game.

Lawan Voice Actor – Rosario Dawson

Lawan was voiced by actress Rosario Dawson, who has played a large number of roles in major films along with a large number of awards and nominations. Recently, Dawson appeared in star Wars series The Mandalorian Like Ahsoka Tano. She is set to lead the famous character’s spin-off as well.

Also featured in Daredevil Marvel on Netflix.

Although Dawson is mostly a film and television actress, her role in Lawan Dying Light 2 Stay Human Not her first role in a video game. Prior to her role as Lawan, Dawson appeared in Questions and clanking Like the robot Elaris, Wilson’s heartAnd the NBA 2K20For example, but not limited.

With a variety of different roles as an actress, Dawson’s contributions to death light 2 She has been highly acclaimed for her years of voice acting experience.

Waltz Voice Actor – Dimitri Goritsas

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death light 2 Actor Dimitri Goritsas voiced the primary antagonist, Waltz. He is known in turn as Parker V Saving Private Ryan. Actor since 1993, Goritsas played several roles in previous games Dying Light 2, Although the role of American as a sequel villain opposite Aiden Caldwell is the actor’s first leading role in a video game.

Frank Voice Actor – Stewart Scudamore

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Frank Maroy, leader of the Nightrunners, is voiced by Stewart Scudamore. He’s been an actor since 1997 when he got his first role in Antiphus Odyssey. Since then, Scudamore has appeared in several projects, including playing Eyal in kick ass 2 and a house in skins.

Scudamore’s biggest roles came in video games, working in many different games Doctrine killer games. He also played the role of Chu Baji in monkey King.

Haakon Voice Actor – Jonathan Forbes / Motion Capture – David Bell

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The Nightrunners member who became a pivotal part of Caldwell’s journey is played by two different actors. Haakon is voiced by Jonathan Forbes, and Parkour and his movements are performed by parkour legend and creator David Bell. Forbes got his start as an actor before transitioning to voice acting in video games. Prior to his role as Haakon, he voiced Sean Hampton in Vampire In 2018 and islands in Joint: The Wicher Card Game.

As for Belle, he is an accomplished parkour athlete and stuntman who has done stunt work for games like Prince of Persia He is credited with creating Parkour.

Voice Actor Jack Matt – Elroy (Sponface) Powell

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Voiced by British singer Elroy Powell, Jack Matt is relatively new to the world of video game acting and voice acting. Powell, who is predominantly a singer, has some acting experience; He was a regular in the series East Enders Appeared as Rosser Winnow Star Wars Episode VII.

Aitor Voice Actor – Alec Newman

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Aitor is voiced by Alec Newman, who owns one of the largest private wallets in the video game world dating back to Myth III in 2010. You can find his voice in a large number of different games such as Cyberpunk 2077 movie. He also plays the role of Jarden the magician Serial and God in Final Fantasy XIV. Now, Neumann has taken on his latest project as a peacekeeping officer in death light 2.

Sophie Voice Actress – Swan Brown

Sophie is voiced by Suanne Braun and has been an actress for some time. Hathor voiced in Stargate SG-1 and Captain Dorothy McCutchen in red dwarf. She is now taking on a new role in the world death light 2.

The complete list of sounds in . format Dying Light 2 Stay Human:

  • Sophie: Swan Brown
  • Chris: Nigel Barber
  • Loz: Anna Rost
  • Vincenzo: Ben Cora
  • Killian: Frances Magee
  • Rowe: Glenn and Raj
  • Anderson: Jade Anoka
  • Snap: James Sobol Kelly
  • Barney: Joseph May
  • Thalia: Samantha Dakin
  • Corinne: Kieran Goff
  • Veronica: Kosha Engler
  • Neres: Lucy Newman Williams
  • Juan: Peter Brock
  • Blagojewicz: Sarah Powell
  • Alberto: Sidney King
  • Barney: Stephen Trout
  • Steve: Christian Panas
  • Nicholas: Mark Holden
  • Danore: Nathan Osgood
  • Albert: George Ledoux

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Now available on PC, Playstation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S.

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