An exciting short film inspired by Sifu [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant presents “Sifu – The Revenge,” a short film by Benjamin Colossi, who helped design the combat moves in Slocap’s beloved game Sifu.

splash screen Honored to present an exclusive Sifu – revengea short film by Benjamin Colossi, whose movements inspired the popular action game Kung Fu Sevo. The brutal, bloody, and challenging martial arts brawl comes from independent French game studio Slocap and has received plenty of praise in both the industry and fans. Which is no wonder, given that Sloclap is the studio previously responsible for the popular 2017 martial arts role-playing video game, absolute.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Colossi is himself a kung fu professor and founder of the Lao Wei San – Pak Mi School in Paris. His specialty is Pak Mi style, which is known as the art of lightning hands. Originating from the legend of the Five Elders of Shaolin, this style is named after Pak Mei the Elder and is sometimes referred to by that name as well. Colussi worked closely with the Sloclap team to help design the combat moves for SevoThe main character who relies heavily on Pak Mi and has become a game advisor when it comes to all things kung fu.

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Colussi’s involvement in the production of Sevo Inspire him to create a short live interaction project where he can share his personal interpretation of the nightclub level of the game. Fans can enjoy the video below, presented here exclusively by splash screenIt respects the graceful and effective combat choreography. Although Klossy created it independently, the music and lighting contribute to the exciting atmosphere and accentuate the power and poetry of his movements. What’s even more awesome is that the action runs as a live version of the same video game, taking viewers through different outcomes. Check out the full clip below:

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Beginning with Karate in 1990, Benjamin Colossi has been practicing and mastering martial arts for over forty years. This experience is evident in Sifu – revengeOn top of that, he explains why Sloclap worked with him to achieve the level of choreography and respect for style that made their game such a hit this year.

Fans craving more glimpses of Benjamin Colossi’s martial arts mastery should be sure to check out Sloclap’s behind-the-scenes video on Kung Fu and capture the action. Don’t forget to follow Colosse Social media Pages as well, where will not only fall Sifu – revenge Later, but also continue to promote to keep the authentic Pak Mi.

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Sevo Available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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