Arceus’ biggest plot holes and unsolved puzzles

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Brings players back to days Pokemon universe, but it’s hard to ignore the plot holes and unsolved puzzles presented in its story. The game draws a lot of similarities between the ancient Hisui region and the future of Sinoh Pokemon Diamond and PearlBut some of these connections leave players with more questions about the science than the answers. Mythology: Arceus’ It’s also easy to poke holes in the inner plot, leaving players with a lack of narrative accuracy on several key points.

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[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pokémon Legends: Arceus.]

At the beginning Mythology: Arceus, the player arrives at ancient Hisui without remembering his home or how he got there. Soon, they are tasked with searching for each individual Pokémon in Hisui, which prompts them to join Team Galaxy’s scouting team. The player’s quest has been compiled to complete Hisui’s first Pokédex, but their mysterious appearance in the ancient region remains a mystery no matter how far they advance in the game.

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Mythology: Arceus It also created many contradictions within PokemonThe current legacy, leaves players with a lot of questions about his schedule. The game’s plot focuses heavily on time travel, but the actual reason for the player’s journey into the past is not made clear. At the moment, it is unclear whether the future Pokemon Legends (If there are any coming) The games will continue with the extensive narrative Arceus Introduce and solve these points later in the series.

Arceus’ intentions are not explained in Pokémon Legends

As the title suggests, Mythology: Arceus He puts the legendary god Pokémon in the spotlight in his plot, but Arceus never explains his reasons for bringing the player into the past. When players finally face the titular monster at the end Pokemon Legends: ArceusHe simply shares his approval of their skills and joins their team without providing any further details about his intentions. As such, it has not been revealed why Arceus chose the player to hunt down all of Hisui’s Pokémon. Fortunately for the Galaxy Team, however, the player’s current knowledge of wild Pokémon makes it easy for them to complete Hisui’s Pokédex.

Who is Pokemon Legends: Arceus player character?

While the player character’s amnesia explains their lack of backstory Mythology: ArceusIt raises many unanswered questions about who they are and where they come from. The player character doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to go home, but her default appearance looks like that diamonds and pearlsPlayer personalities suggest that he may be in a place that fans are familiar with. The player character can be a parent or a relative diamonds and pearlsDawn and Lucas, although some fans have speculated that the player might be an older version of Dawn or Lucas themselves. Unfortunately, none of these possibilities provides a clear picture of Mythology: ArceusA plot or timeline, leaving players to argue which theories have the fewest holes in the plot.

Mythology: The explanation of the Arceus buckyball is meaningless

There was a lot of speculation about Hisui’s wooden bokeh balls in the months before that Mythology: Arceus’ Release. Unfortunately, the in-game interpretation of the most famous device in the series has left many players unsatisfied. Early in the game, Professor Laffenton explained that Poké Balls work by shrinking Pokémon in order to capture and contain them. According to him, all Pokémon have the ability to shrink themselves, so Poké Balls simply activate this natural response when thrown.

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Laventon’s explanation presents an incredibly important fact about Pokémon in the series, but none of its former professors considered these details worth sharing. It is possible that this fact is common knowledge in modern times Pokemon The era, which could explain why the player was not informed of it in previous matches. Still, this decision is a long time ago Pokemon The mystery ended up leaving many players with more unresolved questions than before.

Ingo’s memories are never recovered

Like the player, Subway Boss Ingo from pokemon black and white appears in Mythology: Arceus After mysteriously traveling back. His memories had also been lost, giving him only a faint sense of where he had come from before arriving at Hisui. However, Ingo makes the most of his strange situation and joins the Pearl Clan, taking on the noble role of Warden in the beneficial Ride Pokémon Sneasler. While Ingo seems relatively receptive to his predicament, Mythology: Arceus He never explains his appearance because his memories never recover. As such, the reason for his appearance in Hisui remains a mystery, and it is unclear whether he will be able to return to Battle Subway in his time.

Hisuian forms create Pokemon plot holes

Mythology: Arceus Far from the first occurrence of time travel in Pokemon Franchise, movies like Pokemon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life They have already taken players to Snouh’s past. However, Hisuian variants were introduced in Mythology: Arceus Never appeared in Pokemon the universe before, leaving a large gap in any previous plots in which ancient Sinuh appeared. Questions have already been asked about what happened to the Hisuian variants between time Mythology: Arceus And the modern era diamonds and pearlsbut their absence creates many contradictions in Pokemon The main schedule of the game.

The Arc Phone is still a mystery in mythology: Arceus

When players wake up in space-time at the beginning legendsArceus turns their smartphone into an Arc Phone that allows them to communicate with the same God-Pokémon. The Arc Phone not only provides a convenient map for Hisui with earth markers and zoom functions, but it also keeps track of their tasks, requests and game time during the day. However, this mysterious device is also able to unlock the caves that house the legendary Trio Lake, indicating that the Arc Phone is somehow connected directly to the divine power of Arceus. Unfortunately, Hisui’s Arc Phone was dropped without much explanation, so gamers may never know the full extent of their smartphone’s upgrade capabilities.

How far did the player travel in Mythology: Arceus?

From setting to Pokemon Mythology: Arceus“The story, everything shows that the game is set in antiquity. However, while it is clear that the story takes place just as the foundations of its future years are laid, legends It does not reveal exactly how far back players have traveled. It’s safe to say that several centuries must have passed between the Hisuian’s adventure and the era diamonds and pearlsbut the actual number of years is likely to remain one of Pokemon Legends: Arceus Many unsolved puzzles.

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