Arceus Features We Want in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With the new entry in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, set to come to the Nintendo Switch in late 2022, it’s fun to speculate what features from Pokemon Legends: Arceus will appear in this new chapter.

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Mythology: Arceus has been praised for breaking the Pokemon formula, his use of open-world elements, and intense gameplay. With the ninth generation marketed as an open world experience, it is sure to share similarities with its revolutionary counterpart. It’s exciting to see this development in the Pokemon series, as Game Freak builds on existing entries to breathe new life into the world of Pokemon.

10 New mode conditions – Drowzee? More like sleepy

Screenshot of a battle between the illustrious Hisuian Liligant and Shiny Haunter in which Haunter is in a drowsy condition and is too sleepy to move.

Status Conditions are a mainstay of the Pokémon series – you infect Pokémon with a condition that affects their performance in battle. Mythology: Arceus introduced new condition conditions that change the way you fight Pokémon and the battle techniques you use.

For example, instead of the sleep state in previous games, you can now inflict Drowsy, which will increase the chance of a Pokemon to fail to perform a move and increase the damage this Pokemon does. If these new state conditions return in Generation 9, they could change the way you fight and the competitive landscape forever.

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9 Orders – Finally, Pokemon has side quests

Split image of a woman sweeping two stores behind her and the male playable character talking to Choi in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

During your journey in the Hisui region, you can receive requests from NPCs scattered across the land that reward you for completing their missions.

Orders in Legends: Arceus are optional quests that range from showing an NPC to entering a completed Pokedex to collecting 107 Wisps. This is the first time the requests have been this in depth in the Pokemon series, and with Generation 9 also taking an open-world approach, it will be fun to see Game Freak build on this format and include quests alongside the main story.

8 Pokemon Behaviors – Target Acquired

Split image of the playable male character sitting on the grass next to Shinx and walking alongside Spheal in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The feature that has helped the Hisui region come to life are the unique behavioral patterns of the Pokémon that interact with you and the environment. Some Pokemon, such as Spheal, are passive and will act comically towards you if they spot you in the wild, while aggressive Pokemon, such as Shinx, will charge you for ready to fight.

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Being able to learn these behaviors and use them to your advantage to fight and capture pokemon gives weight to your exploration and simulates what it would be like to actually live in this world. Gen 9 can take this to the next level by changing the ways you interact and training your Pokémon to form close bonds.

7 Graceful style, strong style – choose your style

Split image of Heracross performing Agile Style and Gyarados performing Strong Style in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

In Legends: Arceus, your Pokemon can perform its moves in either Agile Style or Strong Style to skillfully fight other Pokemon. Agile technique increases your speed, allowing your next turn to come faster at the expense of the power of the movement. While the vigorous technique increases the power of the movement, while decreasing your speed.

In the Hisui region, it is rare to encounter trainers in the wild, since not many people at this time fight alongside Pokemon. In the ninth generation, and you are supposed to go back to the present day, you have to fight various Pokemon trainers and gym leaders. It would be interesting to see a style like this built into more battles, which will change the way you deal with your Pokemon.

Split image of the playable male character throwing sedatives at the frenzied Kleavor and the female playable character approaching Alpha Hisuian Zoroark with a poke ball in hand.

During your time in Hisui, you come across special Pokemon that require you to stun them before you can find a slot and engage them in battle. You need to use this method for both Noble Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon, which adds a new layer of challenge to these encounters.

No one can say what Legends you’ll encounter in Generation 9, but hopefully the dynamic battles of Legends: Arceus will return to make taming these powerful Pokemon the challenge it should be. Imagine you’re stumbling across rare Pokemon in wilderness areas, similar to Weather Legendaries in Legends: Arceus, and you have to make quick decisions to catch them.

5 Crafting items – stay crafty

Cropped screenshot of the recipe for making Poke Balls in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Crafting is a core mechanic in open world games, giving you a reason to brave harsh environments to collect crafting materials. In Legends: Arceus, by exploring the game’s locations, you can collect materials to make useful items such as Poke Balls and Stealth Spray.

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In Generation 9, crafting can be used in a similar way – crafting equipment to gain the upper hand over dangerous Pokemon or crafting supplies when you run out of money. It would be interesting to know what new recipes Game Freak has to offer for your adventure if crafting is included in the game.

4 Ride Pokemon – Challenge it with Braviary

Split image of the playable male character in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu riding Onix and the male playable character in Pokemon Legends: Arceus lying on a glider, flying with the Braviary.

To make crossing the Hisui area even easier, you can summon rideable Pokémon to take you to your desired destination. Ride Pokemon was introduced in Sun and Moon, allowing you to traverse the area at a much faster speed than on foot, but the mechanic in Legends: Arceus takes this to the next level, letting you explore land, sea, and air in style.

Aside from the classic bike, it would be fun if Game Freak allowed you to use larger Pokemon you capture to traverse the area, such as the rideable Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go. Just imagine being able to explore this new territory against the backdrop of Sprigatito’s final evolution, giving it survival on all fours.

3 Alpha – Bigger, better

Split image of Alpha Electivire and Alpha Froslass in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Alpha Pokemon is easily recognizable by its large size and glowing red eyes, which distinguish it from other species and give it a frightening appearance.

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These terrifying creatures are aggressive and will be a challenge if you decide to fight them, but the rewards are well worth it: drop rare items when defeated and make cool additions to your squad if you can catch one. It would be great to recruit Alpha versions of gen 9 Pokemon for your team, including the awesome new starter Pokemon.

2 Easy Trade Developments – No NSO, No Problem

Split image of the trade animation in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and a close-up of Alakazam evolving.

In previous games, it was often impossible to use Pokémon, such as Alakazam, which can only be developed through trading and Pokémon that required developing items, which means you can’t use them in the first part of the game. Fortunately, Legends: Arceus removes this issue, allowing you to purchase evolution items from the Trading Post in Jubilife Village with Merit Points, or by finding them in Space-Time Distortions.

Keeping this access in the ninth generation will allow you to access pre-trade developments only without Nintendo Switch Online or other local players to trade with. Not being able to add your favorite Pokemon to your team is always disappointing, so by adding this feature, Game Freak will help you make this much easier.

1 Distortions of time and space – let’s do a time wrap

Playable female character in Pokemon Legends: Arceus standing in front of a Space-Time Distortion, with text

Like the Max Raid Battles in Sword and Shield, Space-Time Distortions offers a unique way to get rare items and, if you’re lucky, rare Pokemon.

Even when you’re done with the main story, Space-Time Distortions keeps the game entertaining, allowing you to spend hours catching up on Pokemon. In the game post, you can face Hisuian starters in Space-Time Distortions, allowing you to receive newbies without trading with them. Distortions is for Legends: Arceus’ story about space and time, but the concept can be brought back in a new way for a new generation.

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