Ashes of Dusk aims to elevate her ‘overlooked’ elements of inspiration

Nintendo effect the legend of zelda It is difficult to overestimate the series. From iconic mechanics and sound design to fantasy dungeons, the series’ influence is clear and references are frequent. The independent scene flourished with Zelda– Likes, from early examples like Isaac’s binding Features dungeon layouts similar to the original NES version of the recent success of Andrew Schuldes Jacket. games like A link to the pastAnd Link AwakeningAnd Majora mask They are the cornerstones used by Pocket Llama Roasted: Dusk ash Greeting for.

Today’s video games

This action-adventure RPG is seeking funding through Kickstarter – even though it hit the initial $25,000 target in less than three hours after launching its campaign on March 29. Zelda Games are not EnjoyableThe only inspiration. Her crowdfunding page names Pokemon And Final Fantasy, among other things. However, director Justin “Dooper” East said the idea originated from his cast wanting to “scratch that itch.” Zelda-Like an RPG. Game Rant to the east talked about it EnjoyableA mix of influences contributing to a title that suits her team’s personalities.

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How nice: the ashes of dusk stand apart

Interview with Justin Dober East April 2022

Roasted: Dusk ash It is Pocket Llama’s first project, starting with just two developers and swinging before landing its current team of six: East, Narrative Director and Concept Artist Ivy Jade Weaver, Artistic Director Brian Farrar, Composer Maya Oliveira, Programmer Faulty Functions, and Community Manager Tania “Tanners” Courtney. East said the group consisted of friends, like him and Farrar who work at the “Low-poly Llama VTuber” night party in the East; or friends of friends, like Oliveira brought on a recommendation; But this is the first time they have implemented a larger project. Pocket Llama’s connection to publisher Top Hat Studios also came from liaisons with East, who he feels is a “good bunch of fools”.

In establishing the concept EnjoyableEast said the team had a lot of ideas but wanted to avoid feature creep. create something Zelda– Like an RPG with a marshmallow knight (which grew out of the East’s inability to draw a head) became its core, but to stand out from similar independent projects, Pocket Llama focuses on “often overlooked” mechanics. For example, he refers to the monkey trade mission in Link Awakening This may not be plot key, but it “makes the game more fun.”

“What do we want to do with it? Enjoyable He took what made these classic games so memorable for us and created something unique.”

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Fun is the sum of many parts

Although trying to avoid feature creep, Roasted: Dusk ash It takes advantage of a variety of inspirations to create something kind of blending. For example, there will be some puzzle platformer items via Marshmallow abilities inspired by Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, with protagonist Marshall able to squeeze and adjust to tight spaces, or roll like a wheel. These abilities can also be used in real-time combat.

Another selling point of the game is how it will turn into “different kind moments” that matches its “weird” appearance, many of which are related to boss battles. a Final FantasyThe turn-based battle against The Judge will reward players with the item The Trash Masher, the hammer that becomes a hammer in the fist of the much younger Marshall – a game on the ball and a series of Twilight PrincessAccording to the East. Promise more content with extended hits on Kickstarter, such as “Toasty Dating Sim”.

The mix of game modes is built around a “classic” formula, where players learn about new abilities or items from encounters like bosses, then are encouraged to step back and explore the areas they previously scored. EnjoyableIts progression is linear, according to the East, “but you never know.” There may also be plans to hire more programming help after the Kickstarter ends, this way the team can maintain their “super” ambitions. However, the director is very excited for people to see the story told by Pocket Llamas, a story inspired by games like ground But he “became a part of us”, imparting a sense of humor to the “group of pranksters” who pour themselves into it.

“Game development is hard. But it’s not impossible! I made the original design for Enjoyable Learning from YouTube and online courses. If you want to make a game, go out and make that game. We all have a story to tell, and life is about finding the medium we will use to tell it.”

Roasted: Dusk ash In development for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Kickstarter runs until April 28, 2022.

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