Back to Moria, and announce everything else

The Epic Games Store summer show had quite a few announcements to share for fans, the first of which was an all-new game set in the world of The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a co-op survival crafting game set in the fourth age of Middle-earth, pitting players as a band of dwarves trying to recover the abandoned mines of Moria. Here’s the official description via North Beach Games:

“The game offers endless experiences by introducing the procedurally generated world of Dwarven to Moria, so no two adventures will be alike, and each expedition can be traversed either alone or online with companions. Players can mine to craft larger equipment and resources, but beware. , Mining makes a noise, and noises that arise in the depths of calm threaten to awaken the dangers below: Where there is a rumble, there is combat Explore the mysteries of the three legendary mountains, mine precious minerals, scrape for survival, and battle untold powers to learn the secret of the shadow that lurks within “.

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria It is set for a Spring 2023 release and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

There were a few other announcements during the show as well, and we’ll show each in chronological order.

Ghostbusters: Unleashing Souls

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A new trailer for the new asymmetrical Ghostbusters game has been shown, showing the Ectoplast type of ghost. As the trailer notes, “These free-roaming ghosts are known to produce excessive amounts of outdoor slime.”

shoulders of giants

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shoulders of giants Exclusive to the Epic Games STore, is a brand new, roguelike game in which players simultaneously control a frog holding a weapon and a robot wielding a sword. The game also supports up to four players co-op.

Sifu Summer 2022 Update

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A new trailer for . has been shown Sevo Summer Update, which brings a bunch of new gameplay mods like faster enemies, unbreakable weapons, bullet time, and more.


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A new trailer for the platform adventure game has been released ChiaShows the main character’s unique soul-jumping mechanic that allows him to control any animal or object. Chia Launching early 2023.


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The critically acclaimed arena shooter Splitjet Coming officially to the Epic Games Store, it will also see new modes and redesigned maps. The free game will arrive at EGS in the third quarter of 2022.

Disney Speedstorm

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Disney Speedstorm It is an upcoming wagon racer featuring some of the most famous characters from the company, such as Mulan and Sully from Monster Corporation. The new trailer shows a black and white track inspired by Steamboat Willie. A closed beta is currently available on the Epic Games Store.


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gigabash Very similar to the classic Godzilla destroy all monsters, allowing you to destroy city blocks while fighting two formidable kijos. The new trailer reveals Rawa, the Dragon King who bears some resemblance to Godzilla himself.


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Rawmen It is a multiplayer game that looks incredibly bizarre and features eight men in skimpy clothes who fight them with food-themed weapons. The show announced a beta release coming to the Epic Games Store on July 1st. You can subscribe to the official Rawmen Site.

space villains

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space villains is a two-stick shooter in which players travel through a strange world, chromatically similar to something like Borderlands. A new trailer shows different locations and announces an open beta that’s now happening on the Epic Games Store.

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