Beginner Tips for Dying Light 2: Stay Human

After some delay, the highly anticipated open-world survival horror Dying Light 2 Stay Human finally. More than just survival horror, the game implements several RPG mechanics, which makes surviving in its open city even more difficult than it first appears. There are all kinds of surviving monsters to avoid, and even the slightest level of zombies can cause problems for the protagonist Aiden.

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death light 2 It is not just a zombie game where it is enough to shoot or fight from a sticky situation. Players need to know how to take advantage of the environment, how to use parkour, and when to keep their heads down if they want to survive the day and night Philidor courses. Keeping some beginner’s tips in mind will help Aiden conquer the apocalyptic landscape.

Updated September 1, 2022 by Michael Llewellyn: Dying Light 2 sees a wrestling-style expansion in October. This piece of DLC is called Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties and seems to have a more similar approach to storytelling and violence. The Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties trailer gives the DLC a Running Man and Smash TV feel.

Throw in a little Gladiator and horde zombies, and fans are going to have to kill zombies for fun with this expansion during Halloween season. It looks set to appeal to new players, but playing the campaign with side content first is a must. This beginner’s guide has been updated with more tips to make Aiden a better fighter prepared for Gladiatorial DLC.

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12 Clothing and gear explained

As mentioned above, death light 2 It’s an RPG at its core. The game implements classes that players can use to suit their playing style. However, the clothes make up the classroom, so having a matching set would adjust Aiden’s abilities.

Each item of clothing will have stats associated with its category. seasons BraveryAnd the tankAnd the ParamedicAnd the Watchman. Brawler uses one-handed weapons and lowers the cost of stamina. Tank class is the power that uses two-handed weapons, has better defense and stronger strikes. The Medic class improves fall damage and boosts Aiden’s healing abilities.

11 Choosing the right weapon

Aiden has a wide range of weapons scattered throughout the environment to use in battle. Weapons are upgradable, but their use is limited by their durability stats. In the early stages of Dying Light 2, Repairing and upgrading weapons is a waste of valuable resources. Upgrading and repairing are only worth it when weapons become more advanced.

There are always items scattered around town to use with better stats, so it’s best not to get caught up in worrying about the durability of the booster tube. The Weapons will be more effective if they match the correct clothes. For example, if Aiden is wearing clothes in the tank class, he must use a two-handed weapon and vice versa.

10 Open the metro for fast travel

death light 2Villador City is vast, vast and fun to explore thanks to Aiden’s parkour skills. However, the campaign and side quests require a lot of ground to be covered, which can take a lot of time.

Thank God fast travel mechanic in death light 2 It will be available by finding metro stations. To unlock it, Aiden must destroy all the zombies lurking at the stations and reboot the power through the generators. With the power generator restarted, the metro station becomes a fast travel point on the map.

9 Practice parkour first

death light 2 It has some of the best parkour mechanics since then mirror edge. The open game city is a sports stadium for protagonist Aiden to run, climb and explore.

Aiden can jump over rooftops, grab ledges and walls, and swing from ropes to traverse her vast and dangerous city. As a result, practicing the mechanics of parkour as much as possible is vital. In addition to, Beginners should avoid dealing with the undead Unless necessary, there is no better way to escape from a crowd than by using parkour. as such death light 2 It is an RPG, so the more the player uses his abilities, the more skills he can unlock.

8 Learn how to dodge and dodge

Despite focusing on parkour and escaping from the many dangers lurking in the city streets death light 2Some fights are inevitable. A quick tutorial will force Aiden to use combat and learn how to dodge and counter enemy attacks.

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It’s important to keep in mind several encounters as the game progresses. Furthermore, when interacting with the Peacemakers faction, they will get more heavy combat upgrades to implement. Use the dribbling mechanic to create slots instead of dodging, as enemies will continue to take big swings at Aiden. Dribble and take advantage of an exposed enemy.

7 Avoid the night

Before Aiden has access to the game’s Nightrunner gadgets, it’s best to avoid crossing the city at night. Items like the UV lamp are a great way to deal with the zombies but aren’t available until later in the game. Night also brings out the deadliest and most dangerous casualties in the game – like the Fly.

Thus, in the earlier stages of death light 2A must for beginners Focus on sleeping through the night and exploring by day. There will be occasions when one will have to go out at night, so being as fast and efficient as possible with executing parkour and stealth is vital to surviving.

6 Avoid going inside the buildings

There are a lot of buildings to traverse Dying Light 2, And even during the first few hours of the game, it can be very tempting to get in and explore. However, this should be avoided, as Some buildings are infested with sleeping zombies And other powerful enemies.

Although one can use stealth to avoid waking him, it only takes one wrong move to wake the sleeper. All it takes is to wake up an entire building full of sleep in Aiden’s case.

5 Use mission level recommendations

death light 2 It uses an RPG-like leveling system that increases when Aiden earns experience points for exploring, fighting, parkour, and completing missions. However, the leveling process can be slow, and it can be tempting to try to deal with a mission or enemy above Aiden’s level.

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Unfortunately, dealing with a mission or enemy just one level above Aiden’s level can be too much. Focus only on tasks that are on the same level as Aiden because they are challenging in themselves.

4 Prioritizing the main tasks

The best way to level up and get the best equipment in death light 2 It is by addressing the main story questions as much as possible. The game does not open properly until after a long time, so prioritizing the main tasks will be so Unlock some of the best equipment in death light 2.

Nightrunner gadgets like Paraglider will take several hours to unlock, but will only become available by moving forward with the game’s main story missions.

3 Handling side quests

It’s not recommended for Aiden to wander too far off the beaten path in the early stages of the story, especially if he’s low-level and low-skilled. However, doing side missions suitable for Aiden’s level is an excellent way to gain experience and unlock skills.

Side quests also reward Aiden with weapons, currency, and blueprints for using and upgrading Aiden’s weapons. As with the main missions, this is the best way to make Aiden strong enough to deal with zombies and other enemies in death light 2.

2 Use hidden removals

In addition to fighting and parkour, death light 2 It applies a simple yet effective stealth mechanism that can make life easier by killing zombies instead of running straight into a fight. removal Mechanical will kill zombies in one step Pressing and holding the B button on the Xbox or the Circle button on the PlayStation.

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Using the stealth mechanism will also make it easier to bypass hordes of zombies without alerting large groups. It’s also a quick way to gain experience points in melee without getting into long fights.

1 Raise Aiden’s Stamina Level

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of death light 2 It is a measure of stamina, or rather the lack of a measure in the early parts of the campaign. When using inhibitors, Aiden will get a chance to raise his stamina level. Raising the stamina bar is more beneficial In the early stages thanks to improvements in climbing, escaping and activating windmills.

Not only is climbing where having better stamina makes Aiden’s life a lot easier, it also affects the fight. Exhaustion of stamina and inability to defend oneself is likely to result in death. Therefore, focusing on stamina first would go a long way to improving Aiden’s quality of life in the city.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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