Best indie games of 2022 (so far)

In a year when many AAA developers experienced delays in their games, indie games did the opposite and rose for the year. Much to the delight of gamers, there have been indie surprises across many different genres, making indie games a viable option even for those who have never tried games in the indie gaming market. While some of the most anticipated indies of 2022 will impress you sea ​​of ​​stars Since then, surprise indie songs have given fans plenty to play in the absence of massive AAA releases.

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Without many major AAA games, and with no larger indie games it was thought possible to release this year, such as Hollow Night: SilkSongThis year, the Little Indies was highlighted. games like neon white And the sleeping citizen Which may not have received much attention in other years, managed to gain more audience. In addition, some large Indies were still able to achieve success, such as Sevo.

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With just a few months left until 2022, there are still some great games on the horizon. AAA hits like God of War: Ragnarok For PS5 owners and Bayonetta 3 With many returning characters for Switch players still on their way. For gamers who aren’t interested in those big games on the horizon, here are the best indie games one might have missed so far in 2022.

Rain Peril 2: Survivors of the Void is a fantastic expansion of the awesome Rogolike

One of the best roguelike games just got better in 2022. rain danger 2 got its first expansion, Void survivorson March 1, 2022. With this new expansion, several features have appeared, including two new survivors, five environments, 41 new items, eleven new monsters, three new bosses, and an all-new final sequence.

Whether the players have played rain danger 2 by or not, Void survivors The perfect companion to the original game. New mechanics such as Damaged Items and a new endless game mode, Simulacrum, will give players hours of new fun with the game playing fresh content as new. rain danger 2 Characters like Railgunner. And as an added bonus, only one player in the multiplayer lobby must own the DLC to play the new content, making Void survivors An ideal buy for gamers looking for a new multiplayer experience.

Neon White is a satisfying spidren experience

One of the biggest surprises of 2022, neon white It is fun fast running. It is set in a world where spirits called Neons compete for a place in heaven. neon white It uses angelic and demonic images to create a compelling first-person shooter game setting. The focus on speed takes the game to another level, making better gunplay with the addition of a mechanic.

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In addition to using weapons to dispatch enemies, each weapon also includes a movement ability that can be used by disposing of said weapon. Each level technically has a “correct” answer, but the movement abilities add a deeper element to the game, making each bite-sized level a fun playground for speed. Whether players play each level and then move or chase neon whiteAce Medals, this first-person shooter game by Annapurna Interactive is not one of the players that you want to miss.

Sifu is a tough rogolike martial art

A bigger budget version than many of the other games on this list, Sevo It is a great roguelike game for PlayStation and PC. Sevo It is a martial arts revenge story with satisfying and interesting combat environments with lots of interaction. Where the game really shines, though, is in the unique mechanics as it ages.

In a difficult game like SevoPlayers can expect to die a lot. The meaning of these deaths is given in age mechanics, which affects how different abilities unlock, and the player’s ability to fight. Finally, in addition to being a fun roguelike game on its own, the game stretches further Sevo Modify characters like Shaggy, Daredevil, John Wick and many more.

Citizen Sleeper is a masterful story in TTRPG style

Just a few years after the hit RPG Disco ElysiumAnd the sleeping citizen It is a great new indie game from developer Jump Over The Age. With dice rolls generated from each “turn” within the game, players use those dice to complete missions to help support people in the game’s venue, Ein Erlin. These dice are limited and make the player think about where he is using his limited time and his actions.

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These actions are spent with charming and complex characters sleeping citizen. There are many different characters with their aspirations, stories, and secrets. From loyal adoptive father Lim, one of the best video game dads, to Ankhita, an intergalactic mercenary stranded on the space station, there are many distinct and charismatic characters to interact with.

Oli Oli the world is the evolution of skateboard platforms

From developer Roll7, elementary world It is a new game in primary primary series. Originated on PlayStation Vita in the first 2014 primary primary The game was released without much fanfare, but eventually gained ports for almost all platforms during that time. primary primary It got a sequel the following year, with better reviews, but it wasn’t any memorable game.

elementary worldHowever, it takes the series to new heights. Instead of a linear transition from one level to the next as in the original two games, there is a world map with quirky characters appearing in each one as well. There is even an appearance by Danny Trejo elementary world To give the player a mission, as well as a game that really exudes personality in its world and character designs.

Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to a classic

A sequel nearly a decade in the making, Rogue Legacy 2 Left Early Access in April of 2022. The game features similar mechanics to the first rogue legacy, one of the first rogue lite. After each death, instead of staying the same character as many other games in this genre, the player chooses an heir, each of which has its own unique attributes. The first game is still fondly seen, but some of the mechanics have aged a bit poorly.

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Rogue Legacy 2 On the other hand, it relieves some of these pains. Attributes are much more straightforward than in the first game, and the fast travel system means less repetition when grinding gold to unlock more permanent skills in the game. Rogue Legacy 2Castle upgrades. The first game had a huge impact on the development of an entire genre, but the sequel has a huge impact rogue legacy Brilliantly modern.

2022 was a year of quality over quantity in the AAA game industry, and the indie landscape was similar. Indie games will always have great output, but these games have been of high quality. Whether additions to perks such as elementary world And the Rogue Legacy 2new ideas like sleeping citizen And the Sevoor even a DLC pack like Rain Peril 2: Void SurvivorsIndian games It’s been an amazing year so far.

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