Best stalking series in video games

People play games for various reasons, such as to relax or ventilate. There are games that try very hard to create stress and tense situations with this in mind. This includes times when the characters are at high stakes, the whole world is in danger, or personal struggles are starting to weigh on them.

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Among these stressful situations, stalking is one of the most exciting. The moments when you have to chase a target or evade a dangerous opponent, can be very effective at stimulating the adrenaline. You have to stay sharp and react quickly in order to stay in it, and avoid having to go through the whole ordeal again. These are some of the best.


8 Truck Chase (Sonic Adventure 2)

Sonic games have not had the best relationship with the third dimension. The titles seem to cycle between fun and breakups on a regular basis. In the early 2000s, Sonic Adventure 2 replaced its predecessor’s open world with a level-based structure. It strikes a balance between fast and slow playback levels.

However, it has an exciting start, being set to a killer soundtrack to “City Escape.” Sonic is on the run from the government after being arrested, and must race across town. The last part of the level includes a menacing mega truck that chases Sonic through the narrow streets. It’s a tense piece that adds a lot to the drama.

7 Hunt for Hermes (God of War 3)

Since the first God of War, the relationship between Kratos and the Greek gods has never been simple. He switched from submission over envy to outright rage, with the desire to kill them all over the way his life had turned out. From nearly accomplishing his mission in God Of War 2, Kratos took a grudge and a group of Titans to Mount Olympus.

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The gods have no choice but to rally and fight, with Kratos getting opportunities to fight them one-on-one. When he encounters the fastest of them, Hermes, it leads to a chase where the messenger god continually harasss him. It really makes you want to catch him as soon as possible so you can turn out the lights.

6 Hunt for Dahaka (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within)

After the massive success of Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, the developers decided to go in a different direction for the later installments. In Warrior Inside, Prince is darker and more thoughtful due to his losing situation. In a desperate attempt to change the outcome, he decided to stop making the Sands of Time.

However, his intervention in time caught the attention of Dahaka, a mist-like being who wanted nothing more than to destroy the prince and make things right. You will often have to flee from him, with contained clips as his distorted voice fills the air with incomprehensible threats.

5 Chasing the Waltz (Death Light 2)

Dying Light was an interesting take on the zombie genre. You start out with an infection, and you need to stand your way to survival in order to find a cure – all while fending off an infection. In Dying Light 2, the virus has gone global, with all the rest of humanity living in isolated, heavily guarded settlements. Pilgrims are the main form of communication between them, as you play as one character called Aiden.

Apart from being a pilgrim, Adam has been subjected to many virus-related experiments by an evil scientist named Waltz. It becomes Aiden’s main pursuit to hunt him down, and when he finally catches him, it consumes Waltz’s crushing power – forcing Aiden to flee. It’s sudden and scary, leaving you with the overwhelming feeling that Waltz is just a second away from tearing you apart.

4 Chase Derg (Shadow of the Giant)

Shadow Of The Colossus is an amazing blend of beauty and epic adventure. When I was a young man named Wander, I entered a place called the Forbidden Lands with the aim of resurrecting a young woman. The entity you are facing shows that this is possible, if you can kill all the giant monsters roaming the earth.

One, in particular, encounters in a desert cave filled with sand. Appearing as a combination of Snake and Sandworm, Dirge is actively chasing Wander and Agro, his horse. He can only be made weak by catching him with a chase, which makes for an exciting encounter.

3 The Monster Ock Chase (Spider-Man: The Video Game)

Although Marvel has a lot of heroes on their roster, Spider-Man is still a fan favorite. Not only does he have awesome powers and a story to rise to the challenge, but he can also be very arrogant. Some of this is felt in the PS1 adventure, Spider-Man: The Video Game. Although he fights a number of bad guys throughout the game, the main one is Doc Ock.

After the final battle, the Carnage Symbiote fuses with the defeated Doc to create the terrifying Monster Ock. Weakened from combat and trapped in an explosive facility, Spider-Man has no choice but to run, with the Monster Ock behind him. This makes for an exhilarating final showdown in a solid superhero experience.

2 Chasing Hungry Guests (Little Nightmares)

From the start, Little Nightmares had been running eerily. There are a lot of cute and innocent elements in the game, but there is always a basic feeling that you are never safe. The biggest threats are literally the larger humans, or at least creatures pretending to be humans. You stand no chance against them, and you must resort to hiding and running away when the occasion calls for it.

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Toward the end, you realize the Hero Six has been in a spacious restaurant the whole time, serving predatory and bloated guests. As soon as they see her, the guests drop everything and starve after her, in an unsettling and exhausting scenario.

1 Undertale Hunt

The world of Undertale is charming, but it isn’t always the most straightforward. It takes place in a place dominated by monsters that have different personalities and appearances to throw you away. The main character, Frisk – who is a human – is clearly someone who is not usually seen among the monsters.

Although many of them have proven to be very helpful and friendly, it is Undyne who presents a serious threat when she appears. Clad in the knight’s coarse armor, she pursues Frisk with the intention of chasing her in search of the King. You’re instantly on edge when you show up, and you’d like nothing more than to get somewhere safe.

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