Pokemon fans celebrate completing Master Dex in style

Two Pokémon masters become friends together by being able to capture all 905 creatures from all the games, thus completing the Living Master Dex. The two best friends follow the original Pokemon He commanded the theme song and picked it all up, successfully creating the Living Master Dex. The long-running Nintendo franchise introduced fans to … Read more

Re: Myth – 7 tips for beginners

After several years in Early Access, Re: legend It has evolved into its full version. If you’re new to the game, getting used to its unique mix of Pokemon-like monsters, Harvest Moon-inspired farming, and social interaction is challenging. You are expected to manage crops, farm fish and keep your growing choice of pets (which the … Read more

Pokémon Heart Gold and Super Mario Galaxy Collide collide in Surprising Johto Mod

The surprisingly super Mario Galaxy model brings Mario to the Johto area of ​​Pokemon HeartGold, shocking fans of both franchises with its realistic appearance. Super Mario Galaxy Meets Pokemon HeartGold In an amazing and well-made mod he sends Mario to the Johto area. Super Mario Galaxy Mods are not uncommon, as the title (and its … Read more

Pokemon Fan creates impressive pixel art featuring Rayquaza from Pokemon Emerald

An iconic Pokemon fan creates impressive pixel art featuring Rayquaza and Mudkip at the entrance to the Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald. for Pokemon Lovers, 2022 was a great year. I started to release Pokemon Legends: Arceuswhich became one of the three best-selling games of 2022, and in February, the first trailer for pokemon scarlet … Read more