Trek to Yomi PC Review –

day tripis a side-scrolling adventure game created by shadow warrior Series creator, Flying Wild Hog Leonard Minchiari. Recipients take on the role of a young samurai Hiroki who embarks on a path of revenge against those responsible for the destruction of his home and the loss of his acquaintances. The game revolves around the black … Read more

An exciting short film inspired by Sifu [EXCLUSIVE]

Screen Rant presents “Sifu – The Revenge,” a short film by Benjamin Colossi, who helped design the combat moves in Slocap’s beloved game Sifu. splash screen Honored to present an exclusive Sifu – revengea short film by Benjamin Colossi, whose movements inspired the popular action game Kung Fu Sevo. The brutal, bloody, and challenging martial … Read more

The global space community to provide for Ukraine’s urgent humanitarian needs

The global space community to provide for Ukraine’s urgent humanitarian needs Press release from: Aerospace Industry of Ukraine (SIFU) Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2022 Herndon, Virginia, April 26, 2022 Leaders of the space community today announced the Space Industry of Ukraine (SIFU), an initiative designed to fund and implement efforts that provide immediate humanitarian aid … Read more

Airbender’s latest behind-the-scenes facts

Every time I don’t think I could love this show more than I already do, I’ve been proven wrong. 1. In an interview with Animation World Network, series co-creator Brian Konitzko said he drew designs for Katara and Soka “just an hour before the presentation meeting.” “Of course, their designs have evolved since then, but … Read more

Ashes of Dusk aims to elevate her ‘overlooked’ elements of inspiration

Nintendo effect the legend of zelda It is difficult to overestimate the series. From iconic mechanics and sound design to fantasy dungeons, the series’ influence is clear and references are frequent. The independent scene flourished with Zelda– Likes, from early examples like Isaac’s binding Features dungeon layouts similar to the original NES version of the … Read more