Donnie Yen’s Ip Man 2 Has a Secret Connection to Jet Li (And He’s A Genius)

Donnie Yen and Samo Hong have their second on-screen fight in Ip Man 2, using a modified Battlefield version of Jet Li’s Fearless.

Donnie Yen Ip Man 2 On the battlefield of Jet Li fearless, albeit in modified form. in Ip Man 2continuation IP man The martial arts film series, Yen is back as the master of Wing Chun Ip Man, best known for his role as directing young Bruce Lee. One fight sequence Ip Man 2 He sees the heroic Sifu have to prove himself against other Kung Fu masters in Hong Kong, including Master Hung, played by Sammo Hung, with Ip Man facing Hung and several other opponents on the large tabletop.

This is actually a modified version of a Chinese combat platform dating back to the ages known as Lee Tae. This platform has appeared in many kung fu movies over the years, but is arguably most famous in the West in the 2006 film Jet Li. fearless. anyway fearless Lee Tae is portrayed in a much more traditional context, Ip Man 2The version works the same way.

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As seen in many of Jet Li’s fight scenes in the dark first half of fearlessWhen engaging in lei tai combat, fighters can achieve victory through a number of different means, including knocking out their opponent, getting them to submit, or forcing them off the platform. This last method of victory makes fighting on lei tai very different from the contemporary boxing ring or MMA cage, where both fighters have to maintain full awareness of their place on the platform at all times. Lei tai stages are still in use to this day in modern kung fu sanda battles, and both fearless And the Ip Man 2 Make the most of it in unique ways.

Fearless & Ip Man 2 use a Lei Tai (but differently)

Jet Li fight scene in fearless pic

in fearlessHowever, the film’s use of lei tai is very straightforward, given its setting in the early 1900s, with most lei tai fights shown on a raised platform a few feet above ground level, along with one several storeys high. In the appearance of lei tai in one of the Ip Man 2The fight scenes for lei tai, its version of lei tai have been further modified, due to the internal setup and the need to create a fighting platform a bit more on the fly. However, Ip Man 2The tabletop fights of lei tai work the same way as lei tai fights fearlesswhere the two fighters try to force the other out while standing on the floor at the table.

Both fearless And the Ip Man 2 are significant films in the solo careers of Jet Li and Donnie Yen. before releasing fearlessLee publicly announced that it would be the last epic martial arts historical film (although it continued with action films in modern settings). while, Ip Man 2 It witnessed an on-screen rematch between Yen and Sammo Hung after their first cinematic fight in the 2005 action movie Sha Bo Lang (Also known as kill zone.)

with the place alike fearless And the Ip Man 2 The two films feature the careers of Li and Yen, using lei tai platforms for many of their fight scenes, giving them some additional historical influence for martial arts fans. Ip Man 2after decades fearless, takes a slightly more improvised approach to bring lei tai into the fight scenes. Even subject to such modifications, Ip Man 2 I used the modified lei tai platform for many excellent martial arts battles as well fearless With its classic version.

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