Dying Light 2 Fastest Ways to Grow Money

The world of Dying Light 2 is bigger, better, and more interactive than ever. After using some of the best weapons to hack and dissect the zombies, you should take a rest in the settlements or camps. As you progress and upgrade, the merchants in these safe areas offer you some of the best bows, throwable items, weapon mods, and much more. However, having less money is the only problem for most players. Well, you can get rid of that hiccup away if you follow our site Dying Light 2 Farming Money direct and get 5000 gold In less than an hour.

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If you post your money farming query across the web, you will find many guides pointing to exploits or loopholes to get money faster. While these quick cash grab hacks give you money, you should be aware that your account can be banned as these are not legitimate ways Get gold fast in Dying Light 2.

Ways to grow money in the light of death 2

The tried and tested methods we have listed below do not include any bugs, exploits or hacks to get money or gold faster in Dying Light 2. Instead, they are just in-game solutions that Exputer members come across while roaming the streets of Villedor in co-op . Grow as much as you want in Dying Light 2 using these methods, and you don’t have to worry about getting banned because these are legitimate methods in the game.

We have made a list Two methods of farming with money Dying Light 2 It can be done in the early game so you can buy melee weapons, mods, grenades, knives and more without worrying about running out of money or gold. Both methods include Resulting in the death of the largest number of peacekeepers Non-playable human characters as much as possible and loot their corpses to get quick money and random items.

[Note]: Killing PK soldiers will not have negative effects on your faction’s rewards.

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Cultivation of money in PK watchtower

The first Dying Light 2 gold planting point can be visited after peacekeepers occupy the end area of ​​the quarry. The easiest way to do this is to visit nearest windmill and interact with it. Doing so will enable combat watchtowers in the area, so you can start the fundraising process.

Next, you need to visit the site as shown in the map image here.

PK . Watchtower Farming Site

Once you get there, go up on the rooftops, and you’ll see two watchtowers located about 180 degrees from each other. Here is a picture for your reference.

Dying light 2 gold cultivation
PK Burga View Gold Farming Site

What you have to do is to go to anyone of these two watchtowers with a decent weapon that has great damage to the base and kill the PK soldiers. All The watchtower has two murder guards, So it shouldn’t be a hard fight.

The fastest growing money
Watchtower guards

After evacuating the watchtower, visit the tower at the opposite end and repeat the same process. You will have non-stop killing soldiers in both towers, and using the Dying Light 2 money farming method, you can get thousands of money or gold in the game faster without resorting to loopholes, loopholes or other means that can get your ban.

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Dying Light 2 Best Gold Cultivation
The second guards of the watchtower PK

PK Farm Safe Money

A similar method of getting money faster in Dying Light 2 can be practiced in a safe house where you occupy a Peacekeeper. We have marked the location on the map image here.

PK safe money cultivation at home
2nd gold planting spot PK Safe House

Once you are there, go to the other side of the safe house to the location as shown in the picture. Now the main trick to start farming gold in Dying light 2 is to get away from the line and start attacking the Peacekeeper’s soldiers.

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The best way to get rich faster
An easy way to carry out gold cultivation

There may be a broken code, or a script has been written for PK soldiers to respond and track down the noise issue. Be that as it may, when you throw fireworks near that line, as shown in the picture, you’ll get at least 6 kill troopers close to the scene. All you have to do here is to use the highest damage output weapon and kill the Peacekeepers as quickly as possible.

Dying Light 2 Best Gold Cultivation
Loot killing soldiers to get items of gold and gear

Once you finish killing all the PKs in that place, you can just loot each corpse for money or gold. You will also get more loot items depending on your current level in the game. Searching for individual corpses can take some time, so to speed up the process, run away a bit and come back to find all the corpses of killing soldiers that have been turned into loot bags. Simply choose whatever you see here and refresh this confrontation either by moving away a bit from the scene and back or killing Aiden from the heights, or just switching the in-game time from day to night or from night to day.


Besides getting XP for the best skills, money or gold in Dying Light 2 is another important aspect of the game. You can always choose the normal or unofficial way to earn money in the game or use Two ways to collect gold faster. Whatever you do, you must act quickly as the developers can patch the above two methods in the near future to avoid planting money in Dying Light 2.

That’s pretty much all we got to get gold faster in the game for you. Did you also come across these two methods we followed? Do you have another way to farm money, perhaps in the central ring? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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