Dying Light 2 has the best climb since Breath of the Wild

I’ve done a lot of climbing in recent video games, from Forbidden horizon west to me Unknown: Legacy of Thieves While they both have stronger personalities and more amazing vistas to enjoy from the tops of the mountains, I can’t stop thinking about the best climbing experience I’ve had in a game so far this year. I’m talking about dying light 2 stay human.

I love climbing in games. I love to run, jump, grab the ledge, and swing up the roof. It almost doesn’t feel like rock climbing in real life – but that’s not the point; I don’t want to deal with a lot of things about finding the perfect grip. I prefer to feel like the unstoppable god of parkour, swerving across rickety roofs and climbing water pipes to reach crumbling alcoves and crumbling balconies. dying light 2 It doesn’t force me to step back and analyze every surface, exploring architecture or terrain for a set of indicative edges defined by the developer. at death light 2, if it looks like you can have it, it’s very likely that you can, with a few exceptions. It’s incredible.

death light 2The climb controls are also very simple. It’s only one button – the right bumper on your console – and it doubles as a button for the jump and grab handle. The flow of jumping, climbing, and tossing yourself up to the next handle before you drag yourself to the next deck is all smooth and satisfying. There is a stamina bar that will keep you from climbing forever, but in the end, you will unlock the power-ups to extend it. Later in the game you’ll collect more traversal gadgets (like the grappling hook), but the foundational mechanics really fascinated me right from the start. The simple act of pressing a single button to traverse anything in my path, and only needing to keep an eye on my stamina bar if it came across, gave me an instant sense of agency and freedom – even as I crossed a cruel zombie infested world.

Thanks to the focus tool from Aloy, the mountainside handgrips are marked with yellow dots and stripes
Photo: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

In contrast, the climbing in the Uncharted and Horizon games seems oddly restricted, despite the inviting endless and exhilarating exploration implied by these games’ great locations. at Forbidden horizon west, Aloy can only climb on certain handles, using her focus (her in-universe and futuristic Google Glass attachment) to scan and highlight safe edges. In many puzzles, only one path is available. Fortunately for Aloy, there is always a handle, ladder, or rope in just the right place to take her to the next platform. Given that Aloy usually explores the crumbling ruins left by civilization, it’s quite strange that she’s always been able to find a perfect path that seems to have been laid out by a rock-climbing gym designer. You’ll jump from one convenient ladder to only one wooden ledge within reach, and so on. Although the world may seem realistic, its trick is shown in the design of these climbing puzzles; There is always only one way Aloy can go.

Then there’s Aloy’s grappling hook, which is so restrictive that it’s laughable. It has two different uses, each with a completely different button combination; One allows it to cling to and remove debris in order to gain access to new areas, and the other allows it to pull itself towards very specific canine points and swing upwards. It’s complex for the sake of complexity, and in practice, it actually looks more restrictive, rather than the clever inclusion of a new tool for traversal. at death light 2Like Insomniac’s Spider-Man games, you can use your grappling hook to swing from one building to another, without having to worry about specific dog spots. It’s simple and smooth, and really feels like a power when you pick it up, unlike Aloy’s grappling hook, which is an occasional nuisance (“Which button was it again?”).

Since Todd Howard said, “Do you see that mountain? You can climb it,” I wanted to play a game that fulfilled that promise. Sheikh manuscripts: Skyrim It does its best, of course, by allowing the player to run rough by jumping over various types of rocks and balancing on bits and pieces of rough terrain. Breath of the wild This sense of endless exploration is enhanced, but with the use of a stamina bar, which makes the climbing experience more satisfying by offering a surmountable yet somewhat grueling sense of restriction. However she is Dying Light 2 Stay Human It does the job absolutely best, allowing the player to climb almost any structure, while narrowing down the entire experience with a single click of a button. This is as good as it gets. Well, at least until Breath of the Wild 2.

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