Dying Light 2: How to disable AntiAliasing and fix opacity?

One of the most awaited post-apocalyptic games, Dying Light gave us a unique memory of what it feels like to be a survivor in a zombie-infested city and how to survive. It had an intriguing storyline with twists and turns, melee combat, and excellent parkour mechanics that combined together made the atmosphere special and immersed us, similar to The Last of Us. Years later we finally got a sequel and not only managed to keep everything that made the first game amazing, but took it to a whole new level with a smoother and more refined parkour mechanic, flawless level design, an improved combat system and finally the character set that added depth to her story.

If you’ve got the game on Steam, you should want to try it out in all its glory, but the performance issue keeps getting stuck, especially if you’re on low-cost hardware. This can be fixed by disabling graphic-intensive options such as AntiAliasing & Blur. Read more to learn more about Dying Light 2 and how to disable in-game anti-aliasing and noise.

Overview of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 further enhances the traversal mechanics where the entire city is your playground. If you want to explore the city and have some fun then the parkour mechanics will keep you hooked in the game which is the best aspect of it. You can find weapons and items by killing human enemies or buy them from vendors in the city. Many fans praised the second game for its improved combat and parkour mechanics, powerful storyline, selection system, and post-apocalyptic settings. The game has a score of 79 out of 100 by Metacritic and is considered one of the best PC games of 2022.

How to disable AntiAliasing and Blur in the game?

To improve the performance of Dying Light 2 Stay Human on your PC and to get an extra FPS to smoothen your experience, we’ve put together a number of settings you can experiment with tweaking. Stick to the article to find out more.

Disable AA through the game

To disable anti-aliasing, go to the options menu in the game and click on the “Video” tab. Now, scroll down until you find the “AntiAliasing” option, then switch it to Low.

Edit the .scr file.

Sometimes some settings cannot be changed by the game and users have to manually configure the .scr file to do so. Similarly, in Dying Light 2, you have to configure some in-game settings manually by accessing the game’s .scr file. Here are all the details about this-

  • Open “My PC” and then click “Documents” on the left side of the window.
  • Find the Dying Light 2 folder > Outside > Settings, then find the video.scr file there. Right-click on it, open it with Notepad++ or regular notepad by typing notepad in the Start menu and opening it, then dragging the .scr file in it.
  • Scroll down until you find the Quality Options AntiAliasing and AntiAliasing. Make sure the value is set from 1 to 0 in both settings, and save the file.
  • Once done, right-click on the .scr file and select Properties. Now, check the Read Only box and click OK.

If there is a chance that the settings will go back, you will just have to manually edit the file again to make the settings work. However, if you change the settings within the game, the changes you made to the Dying Light 2 .scr file will be undone.

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