Dying Light 2 Keep human debugging fixes and detailed improvements

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a fun and ambitious game, but it’s not without its technical flaws. Earlier today, Techland dropped a patch for consoles and PC designed to squash many bugs while boosting the adventure with some improvements. If you’re looking to run in Philidor this weekend, your ride should go a lot smoother.

Techland chirp Each batch of updates by platform, which we’ve listed here below:


  • Added additional video settings (including motion blur and distance blur)
  • Fixed blocks that resulted in a player ending up in a death ring after a co-op session. Some edge cases may still not be fixed and are being investigated
  • The screen of death now has a button that allows the player to be deployed inside the mission area to prevent a block
  • Several crashes have been fixed and game stability improved
  • Added option for in-game voice switching between local and original (English) subtitles
  • Various improvements to keyboard and mouse binding options (including the option to toggle walk, toggle target switch and wait)
  • Peer-friendly music is now shown in collaborative sessions


  • Fixed different situations in which players can be separated in co-op
  • Several crashes fixed
  • Various story blocks have been fixed
  • Added additional video settings (including motion blur and distance blur)
  • Fixed blocks that caused a player to end up in a death ring after a co-op session
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not sell valuables to the seller
  • Fixed an issue where a music streaming device was placed causing a single song to not be muted
  • Fixed an issue where the AI ​​was immortal in some rare situations while playing co-op
  • Several issues with stealth gameplay in co-op have been fixed
  • Fixed several issues with the possibility of blocking AI in Engineering
  • Various AI visual tweaks added (including issues with AI animation)
  • Various balance improvements
  • Fixed rare issues when peers in co-op mode couldn’t see the dialog’s options
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fixed various situations that could cause unlimited black screens to appear
  • Replication fixes for AI corpses in co-op
  • Fixed infinite downloads
  • Fixed task music for peers in co-op session
  • Accidental screen flickering fixed on PlayStation 5
  • 60 + FPS VRR mode enabled on Xbox Series X.

We hope this patch addresses an issue that was giving you a headache. For more on Dying Light 2 Stay Human, check out our review. You can also read about the Easter Egg inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 here.

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