Dying Light 2 Keep Human Interview: Tymon Smektaa

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has now sold over 5 million copies, and Screen Rant interviewed lead game designer Tymon Smektała about what’s next.

Dying Light 2 Stay HumanTechland, a survival horror game, has sold over 5 million copies recently. It is a benchmark that speaks volumes about the quality of the game and the love from its fan base. to celebrate the occasion, splash screen He interviewed lead game designer Tymon Smektala about the series’ success and what’s planned next.

In this open world parkour game, players must fight for survival against the hordes of the zombies – and quality death light 2 It distinguishes it from games of similar venues. before it was launched, death light 2 The devs promised 5 years of support for the game. Perhaps that’s why the game has sold so well in the months since its official release, but it can be hard to match half a decade of support that matches the game’s initial quality.

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Fortunately, Tymon Smektala and the team at Techland seem to have a lot to look forward to. Reviews for death light 2 It was positive, and many fans are eager to see what the game – and the series – has in store next. In the last interview with splash screendiscuss Tymon Smektala death light 2In the present while looking to the future.

Dying Light 2 interview

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has sold over 5 million copies and has a truly dedicated fan base. What do you think of the game that really talked to people?

As a gameplay designer, I like to believe it’s gameplay…but seriously I think it’s the love we put into the game as a team. The gaming industry is a very complex sport that requires a lot of teamwork, and if it doesn’t exist or if any of the gears in the machine fails, the whole game will suffer from it. Fortunately, Techland is full of talented and dedicated people and I think the community feels it. But going back to the gameplay, I’ve heard from quite a few people that Dying Light 2 Stay Human gave them the initial rush of movement/reaction, from pressing buttons that makes something cool happen on the screen, something they’ve been missing lately in games. It’s just a fun, and simple game.

How does the team begin to decide what features fans demand – such as New Game Plus – that will be implemented?

It’s not an easy task because we want to cater to all members of our community – and when you have over 5 million of them, it can become a challenge. But we try to take it calmly, organize ourselves, and choose the features that are most demanded or justified not only by what people say online but also by data that comes from the game itself, such as completion rates of various game elements, etc. I want to take this opportunity to tell our players that we are definitely listening and hearing you and will try to cram everything you want, everything that makes sense. Just please understand that some of these things take time, it’s a AAA beast after all.

There are two story expansions coming to Dying Light 2 soon. Can you share a little about what we can expect to see in these?

Not much, as official reports reveal, but both take Aiden to different and new locations, and both can be played in parallel with the main story. Both are very interesting and I hope they surprise the players with how unique and unusual our trend is.

How will these stories relate to the Dying Light 2 narrative? And will the choices affect DLC stories, too?

Not much, because we want all players to be able to participate in that content – relatively early on -. Since we still have a massive influx of new players coming into the game, creating DLCs that focus solely on the end of the game, the subsequent combo could alienate those people. That’s why we’ve found a great solution in the form of DLCs that expand our world, add more depth to it, but don’t lengthen the main narrative too much. Of course we have a lot of ideas on how to do this – lengthening the narrative – but those will have to wait a little longer.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will get some new features soon, including a new progression system and recurring missions. Can you explain how those would work?

This is the start of our post-launch support that will take the form of so-called chapters that will bring players new content at specific time slots. Each chapter introduces an agent – a quest giver and a resource at the same time – who tasks us with different actions and rewards us with very rare items or some unique weapons, blueprints and gear. It’s a huge experience for us, because we haven’t used this format in the history of Dying Light yet. So, I’d like to ask our community to help us with this, share their feedback on the first outing and suggest changes that will make the next excursions even better.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will get updates for five years after launch, which is incredible, but what are some of the challenges that come with providing content for that long?

Not having a crystal ball for sure, hahahaha! Five years is a lot of time and it would be easier to be able to anticipate the entirety of that time in terms of players’ demands and expectations. But I think we approached it quite sensibly. We have a clear vision of where we want the game to be in five years, we’ve outlined the big strides that will get us there, detailed the initial 12-18 months but also left some space after that so we can fill it with things that fit the evolving expectations of our community. The initial stage is also the time of experiments, we will try to offer players as diverse content as possible, to find out what excites them the most.

From a creative standpoint, what’s the best part about Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s update for the next five years?

It gives us a chance to really see Dying Light 2 Stay Human bloom. When you’re working on a game, there are always things you can’t do, mostly because you don’t have the time and resources to do it all. So I expect us to use those five years to come up with even the craziest ideas we had while developing the game.

Outside of story expansions and new features like recurring missions, what can Dying Light 2 Stay Human fans look forward to seeing in the future?

I’m known to be a bean spiller but I promised to do better, so please excuse me for not spoiling any exciting details. We plan to develop and grow the game in all directions – narrative and pure gameplay, single and online, day and night, parkour and combat. We plan to add and enrich all of our systems. We want Dying Light 2 Stay Human to stay relevant during all those 5 years. I’m sure we’ll make it happen as long as our community is behind us.

I’ve seen that the Dying Light franchise recently surpassed 25 million in global sales, which is great! Anything you would like to say to everyone who bought the games?

We are absolutely grateful to every player who has invited Dying Light into their living rooms, game rooms, basements, cave nerds…basically their lives. We are so grateful that you liked our creativity enough to spend time and money on it, and it is our duty to try to improve every additional piece of content we drop. Dying Light wouldn’t be out of place without you – it’s a fact – and we’ll do our best not to fail. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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