Dying Light 2 launches bloody summer event

Dying Light 2: Stay Human It is Techland’s 2022 sequel to dying light It is also an open world zombie survival game with an emphasis on parkour traversal mechanics and first-person melee combat. Since February, death light 2 It’s still a widely popular game, and fans will be excited to take part in the new Bloody Summer event, which starts today and runs through July 7.

The bloody summer event is “all about carnage and making city streets red with the blood of your opponents,” according to Techland. The event entails players playing the game normally, but with a caveat that rewards are offered specifically for severing enemy limbs. So, the use of glider and parkour mechanics in the game will be more important as players will benefit from moving from one area to another faster in order to increase their rewards.

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The Bloody Summer event comes on the heels of a new chapter recently added to the game, In The Footsteps of a Nightrunner. This free downloadable content adds a whole new chapter in the story that introduces live service play options, including daily and weekly missions that are motivated by various rewards and upgrades. The Bloody Summer event adds to this with more quests and quotas for players to access, limb-slicing objectives, which also offer players various rewards.

The bloody summer event also includes several rewards that players can earn:

  • Sharing Objective: Cut off one end to get Harper’s Token.
  • Personal Objective: Cut 300 limbs to get an advanced axe.
  • Global Goal: Together with the entire community – cut 3,000,000 limbs to get the Nightrunner outfit.

Sharing and personal goals take place naturally and players can simply cut the first party and 300 tips, respectively, to get the rewards. For players to participate in Global Goal, they must log into Techland GG, link their gaming platform, and click the Claim button on the website.

Free in-game events, especially those that include global goals or community activities, are great ways for players and fans to come together in the community. death light 2 Fans can take advantage of the Bloody Summer Event to unite as a community to get the Nightrunner Outfit for everyone.

With the addition of a new story as well as the chapter death light 2In the new photo mode, the game is seeing a comeback and the addition of many new players. So adding a new event that brings the community together in the wake of this update is a great idea for the game’s fan base.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch version is set to launch later this year.

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