Dying Light 2 Mod makes the zombie hordes even bigger with up to four options

It can be hard to stay human with the new Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Mod makes the zombie hordes even bigger with up to four options

Dying Light 2 Human Zombies Survival Mod from Nexus

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has become very popular in the mod community with more than 170 different fan projects available so far. One of the latest mods modifies the density of zombie breeding, increasing the death toll to four sizes, making the streets even denser.

Known as “Zombies Spawn” by hawkidoki, this fan project greatly increases the total number of outdoor walkers you may encounter in the town of Villedor. Although players shouldn’t expect the massive hordes of zombies like the ones you run from in the world of Days Gone, it is possible to increase their size by two to four times in Dying Light 2.

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Or you can make things more difficult for yourself by increasing the density of zombies not only at night but during the day as well. Needless to say, you’ll need to always be on guard, play it safe, and be tactical in how you navigate the streets. You don’t want to be caught with a flimsy little knife in a corner while six zombies are crying over you.

Hordes of the greatest zombies in Dying Light 2 via Mod

Dying Light 2 Keep the streets of the human city filled with dead walkers

Players can also combine this mode with other Dying Light 2 survival projects to create a truly powerful experience. This way, you have to avoid open confrontations with enemies as much as possible and rely on stealth – or things may escalate very quickly. If you are trying to encapsulate the feeling of Day of the Dead or The Walking Dead, this is perfect.

As noted, the modification is a work in progress, and the author already has some ideas for future updates. For example, the creator plans to change the density of the enemy of the dark zone or modify the types of zombies that players encounter in different locations of Villedor. For now, you can download the “Zombies Spawn” file from their page on the Nexus website and install it easily by simply extracting the files to the main Dying Light 2 folder on your computer.

Along with the dozens of mods available, Dying Light 2 is also getting official DLC – just weeks after its initial launch. Techland has already dropped two of the three pieces of the Power Pack, allowing players to collect the entire Peacekeepers collection with unique gear and heavy weapons. More faction groups are expected to arrive across all platforms soon.

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