Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Stay Human features countless villains, both living and living, who will do their best to prevent protagonist Aiden from reaching his goals. The two main factions in the game, Survivors and Peacekeepers (PKs), are both home to a diverse group of people who each see the Pilgrim in a different light.

Your actions, your world, making friends, or enemies, or … bodies. Shoot down or awaken new monsters. Sequence stories and missions. Walk around parkour and new combat aides. But above all, remember that the fate of this world is in your hands.# DyingLight2 #stay human https://t.co/1J77VmRBIp

Given how narrative-based Dying Light 2: Stay Human is, it’s hard to ignore the fact that both factions have their ups and downs. Do bazaar survivors really trust you after all you’ve done for them? Do PKs really do what they say about it? With all these questions swirling around, things immediately become clear as the main plot pits players against those they might consider mates at some point.

One of the main tasks is for Aiden to discover a hotel where he is supposed to meet the members of the bazaar. After certain events, Aiden ends up on the bad side of the people of the bazaar and must deal with a horde of minions, followed by a small boss. This boss is none other than Hermann, Sophie’s bodyguard and the biggest and toughest man in the bazaar.

How to deal with Dying Light 2: Keep the Silent Giant Hermann

We’re building a two-handed sledgehammer, Hermann can be a troublesome boy to handle. The action takes place within a small arena which is bad for Aiden since mobility is his trump card, a boon to Hermann since his attacks hit him hard and wide.

Hermann can swing his heavy hammer at Aiden, which is relatively easy to dodge. However, sticking close to it can also be fatal as it will send Aiden back and move for another attack. The solution is to get in and out between his moves and take small portions of his health bar at a time. Also be on the move because Hermann will ensure Aiden doesn’t get enough breathing space by getting close.

Attack-focused items like Molotovs can also be useful but ensure that Aiden doesn’t interfere with the fire’s AoE. This battle requires patience from the player, and with a little perseverance, players will be able to beat the huge monster.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is set for February 4, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, and Xbox Series X | S.

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