Elden Ring – How to beat the radagon

You’ve come a long way! After eliminating Godfrey, it’s finally time to venture through the doors of Erdtree. The Last Boss fits into a game like Punishing the Elden Ring Constantly, and is in fact two back-to-back bosses. The first you encounter inside the flaming trunk is the Radagon of the Golden Order, the other half of the Queen Marika and the second of the Elden Lord.

Like all of the toughest battles in From Software’s games, eliminating Radagon will require patience, focus, and – most likely – several times death. Learning attack patterns and getting rest is more important here than any other fight in the game, as you will be thrown right into the arena of the next boss without a chance to rest after defeating him. Here’s everything you need to get out of the other side of Elden Lord.

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What do you know before entering?

Just getting to Radagon requires defeating many of the toughest bosses in the game, so you should be at a naturally high level by the time you reach it. To make the experience as painless as possible, aim to be around level 150, investing at least 40 points in Vigor to avoid getting a single shot.

Getting into combat with an enhanced Spirit Summon can make a huge difference. You want something fat enough to draw an aggro and survive a few hits from Radagon while recompiling and refilling HP. As always, Mimic Tear Ash is a reliable option, even after a nerf. (Note: If your Spirit Summon dies here, he won’t be around to help with the Head-Up. If you’re feeling confident, you can take on Radagon alone and postpone your summons.)

Many of Radagon’s attacks deal sacred damage, so consider stocking your Holyproof Dried Livers or equipping your Divine Fortification spells before entering. In addition, being a God Leader, he was significantly weaker in front of Godskin’s skin magic. Black flame spells can be of great help if you have the required faith to use them.

How to beat Radagon

Fortunately, most Radagon’s attacks charge fairly well, even if they do massive damage when landing. Some of his attacks can be effectively fended off with the right armor, but most of the time, you’ll get a better evasive serve your way through the fight. He gets confused more easily than you might imagine, so always be prepared to step up with a critical strike.

It takes a moment for him to notice you when you first enter the ring. Take advantage of his weak state to get a free attack or two. Here are all the moves to look for during Phase One:

first phase

  • A strong retreat followed by the explosion of the detonation area. When the hammer rolls back and begins to glow golden, be ready to roll behind it. After he swings, the ground will glow with gold in front of him and explode a few seconds later. Stay behind him and hit a few hits while he recovers.
  • Two-handed crush. His hammer would glow golden and he would raise it above his head before sliding it down, causing the AOE around him to explode. Simply twist to avoid damage.
  • grab attack. Once his arm started to glow golden, get ready to dodge being caught after a few seconds. Inflict some damage while recovering.
  • Lightning Spear Talisman. Dodge the latch correctly as it flings it toward you, then quickly sprint away some distance, where it will get stuck in the ground and explode after a moment.
  • Sometimes he’ll shoot you five little nails at once. Dodge through this.
  • If you go too far, he will often close the distance by flying towards you with a sweeping attack. Be prepared to avoid this if your strategy includes long-range weapons or spells.

The rest of his attacks should be easy to avoid during the first phase with a little training. Fend or dodge with hammer swings, and roll sideways out of the way forward.

Once he takes out a third of his health bar or so, he’ll add some new devastating attacks to his pool. Most notably, watch out for the following:

The second phase

  • A stomping attack was followed by a jump down. He will start the second stage with this step each time. Jump over the blast when trampled. It will then jump into the air, hover in place for a few seconds, and finally come crashing down for an AOE blast. The timing can be a little tricky here, but simply pass while hitting the ground to avoid damage.
  • It will start teleporting, disappearing for about half a second before reappearing in a wave of lightning (usually right in your face). Turn right and it reappears to avoid damage.
  • AOE Shockwave. He will hit his hammer down three times, sending huge shock waves at you. You can pass through it quite easily, but keep your distance; You’ll get guaranteed damage if you get too close. His recovery time is plenty after that, so be prepared to run for some quick hits.

It will take some practice to get the timing of these movements. Don’t be greedy, stay reactive, and his health bar will be lowered to zero in no time. I hope you managed to save a few Flasks, because you’re only in the middle of the game’s final battle! Now it’s time to confront the Elden monster.

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