Elden Ring Margate Cheese Strategy: How to Easily Beat the Full Omen’s Margate in the Elden Ring

Margit, Fell Omen is the first major story leader you fight in the Elden Ring. He is also the boss who acts as a gatekeeper for the players. It’s fast, aggressive, and has varying attacks, covering all places for people with all kinds of builds. This boss is sure to trample players, create headaches, and make people angry. So here are some cheese strategies you can incorporate into Margit’s brute force at Elden Ring.

How to Cheese Margate at Elden Ring

Before taking on this manager, you may want to prepare ways for this cheese. You’ll want to stock up on some Spirit Ashes to fight because they can provide more of a distraction instead of damage. You will also need to summon Rogier, one of the NPCs, to fight alongside you in this first epic battle. Finally, you want to complete the Patches quest to give you a huge advantage over the Fell Omen.

The best soul ashes you can find before fighting Margit is either the Lone Wolf or the Skeleton Militiamen. I would prefer to go with the latter. Once the militiamen are killed, they can reappear if you drive the enemy away during the self-revive animation. If you don’t have the ashes of the skeletal militiamen, you can get them by defeating Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village. It will be indicated on the map below.

Then, in order for Roger to help you in the fight, you need to talk to him in advance. It can be found in the cottage before entering Stormveil Castle. Exhaust all dialogue and he will be ready to help you defeat Margit. His soul can be summoned before the yellow mist that leads to the fight.

Elden Ring-Somonwater Village

After that, with patches. If you choose to kill or spare him, you will be able to access his merchandise via some kind of merchant store. Purchase a “Margit’s Shackle” item in his shop for 5,000 Runes. It’s a reusable item that can temporarily blind/stun Margit during the first half of a boss fight. The shackle can only be used twice per fight, but it will leave it wide open for a few hits. Moreover, with the damage caused by your summoned ashes and NPC, you will deal massive damage to it.

With all your teasing and stuttering on your side against him, he should come down in no time, assuming he didn’t break your setup. If you still find it working through all of these settings, you might want to consider Caelid’s Orcs cultivation level. We have a guide on how to do that here. Hopefully, with this cheese strategy, you can finally shake off Margit’s foolish ambitions.

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