Elden Ring Player Create Iron Man using Character Builder

The elden ring The community has gone to great lengths to create loads of lovable pop culture characters using the game’s character creator, and Marvel’s massive roster of heroes and villains is no exception. The last custom character is Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, and the player who made it sure would be at home indoors. elden ring.

Assuming this Redditor is actually playing through the game while looking like Iron Man, they have a chance to stumble upon some other Marvel characters. For example, one player was fighting PvP battles as Doctor Strange, dressed as the Supreme Wizard and using various spells. As for cooperative play, elden ring The fan was playing roles as Mad Titan Thanos, using nothing but a snap gesture once summoned. For this spoiled version of Tony Stark, he seems ready for any kind of fight.

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Reddit user FilthyScavenger is responsible for designing the Iron Man character, and they’re giving fans a good look at Tony Stark outside of his armor. FilthyScavenger accentuated Iron Man’s facial features, with some gentle touches on his forehead and under his eyes showing his age. Most importantly, Tony Stark’s signature facial hair is present in the design, with the hair on top of his head being perfectly matched as well. However, Iron Man is rarely seen without a suit, which makes it important for a Redditor to show his habit. elden ring A character wears one.

With nothing as flashy as the red and gold Iron Man costumes elden ringFilthyScavenger had to get creative. Fortunately, they came up with the perfect strategy, recreating the original Iron Man suit for Tony Stark. with MK. 1 Since the shield is experimental and quite bulky, it is possible to pull it off in-game. Furthermore, its metallic gray color can be achieved with Iron Jar Aromatic. The Blackguard Iron Mask is a solid approach to the helmet as well, which adds a lot to the overall aesthetic.

One of the coolest parts about FilthyScavenger’s collection of images is that a few of them include some classic Iron Man poses. One shows the hero with his hand outstretched, and the glowing palm makes it look like he’s using a repellent. Another shot shows Tony Stark using a flamethrower, which is an especially nice touch as this was a weapon he used while wearing the Mk. 1 suit in the original movie.

With other Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and Thor able to use character creation tools, it will be interesting to see if players design them as well. Regardless, this version of Iron Man is a lot of fun, and FilthyScavenger deserves the praise they get so far.

elden ring Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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