Elden Ring Player defeats the boss of Malenia with no armor, shield, summon, or minimum health

elden ring Dodgenator91 defeats Boss Malenia with no shield, shield, summon, or minimum health. Dodgenator captured the feat with an in-game video recording and admits it was a tough challenge, but one he wasn’t familiar with. elden ring It is known for its challenging gameplay and mysterious narration.

Game Rant spoke to Dodgenator to find out more. He started playing Souls-style games in 2020, after earning a Evil spirits Triple And the Sekiro for sale. He became instantly addicted, obsessed with the game’s relentlessly steep learning curve. He immediately started doing challenge rounds just to see how far he could go with minimal resources. play through full Evil spirits Series, starting with a level 1 character who does not use any armor or shield, and fights with a club only. While it took 10 months, the Dodgenator defeated 128 bosses via Evil spirits triple and Sekiro. When asked why he devote himself to difficult challenges at home elden ringThere’s a lot to love about FromSoftware’s games, Dodgenator said.

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Not long ago, it was a file elden ring The player beat Melania with only a dance board at level 1, and with more players elden ring From the challenges, Dodgenator decided to see if his previous success would carry over to the new game. Playing on Xbox One, Dodgenator spent 3 hours dealing with Malenia to no avail, when all of his hard work suddenly paid off. In the past, Dodgenator relied on soul summons, and Baldachin’s blessing, but for Malinia, he wanted a clean win with nothing but his crew and no summons or buffs. After 218 hours of playing, he defeated a variety of Elden Ring Bosses use a similar strategy and unlock all endings of the game. He currently has a 334 HP naked wizard, who takes a simple approach to fighting the game’s various bosses to a new level.

else elden ring Players faced similar challenges, with one player killing Morgott with only a bow, while other players took on more difficult tactics. Dodgenator said that Souls-style games give way to unique challenges, and whatever the player wants to experience can be experienced within the game’s highly challenging combat system. Since defeating naked Malenia, the Dodgenator has defeated everyone Elden Ring Enemies of demigods are naked as well.

One elden ring The player has spent more than 1,800 attempts to beat Melania, proving that Dodgenator’s feat with his naked witch is not something players will laugh at. Given the difficulty of combat in the game when players use everything at their disposal, facing a minimal boss is definitely not for the faint of heart.

elden ring Available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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