Elden Ring player discovers incredible details about the Great Dark Moon

An Elden Ring player accidentally notices an incredible detail of the Dark Moon Greatsword, even though it doesn’t seem to have been put into the game on purpose.

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elden ring It is a huge game full of small details. There’s always some new detail to see, even if it’s custom elden ring Players have played several times. Some of the hidden details have interesting scientific implications, but others may not be intentional.

newly elden ring The Reddit post went viral after user Nuu111 shared a screenshot of what the Dark Moon Greatsword looks like when viewed through a ghost. Like other FromSoftware games, players see “ghosts” running around elden ring The game world is actually representations of other people playing the game, although it is transparent so that players can see through it and maintain their view of the game world unobstructed.

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Looking at the Dark Moon Greatsword through a ghost, the sword actually looks different, mainly players can see its decorative marks more clearly. It’s a rather stunning new look for the Dark Moon Greatsword, but it’s worth noting that this is unlikely to be an intentional feature on FromSoftware’s part. As Reddit user Prionysus who commented on the post pointed out, this effect is most likely caused by a defect in the fabric.

Regardless, many seem to think that’s exactly elden ring A glitch that makes the Dark Moon Greatsword look even cooler. Some may be interested in getting the sword for themselves, although they should note that getting it is one of the very time consuming things players can do in the game. The gist of it is that players will need to go through the Rani Witch quest to get the Dark Moon Greatsword. The specific location is the Cathedral of Manos Siles, but elden ring Players can not only create and get a beeline because it requires mission progress.

This is not the first interesting detail elden ring Players have found out about the Dark Moon Greatsword. While this texture flaw isn’t intentional, the connection between the Dark Moon Greatsword and the Golden Order Greatsword does appear to be. Based on the weapon descriptions of both weapons, fans have come to the conclusion that the Golden Order Greatsword is an alternative version of the Dark Moon Greatsword.

There are likely many other hidden details, whether intended or not, still present elden ringIt’s a huge open world, so game lovers should keep their eyes on it while they continue to explore the perilous lands in between.

elden ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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