Elden Ring player glitches inside the Walking Shrine

An Elden Ring player encounters a strange bug that causes a glitch inside one of the game’s giant Walking Mausoleum enemies.

The title of the long-awaited program elden ring It is finally released and players work hard to explore the large but quirky landscapes of the lands in between. Players can encounter a wide variety of majestic and often annoying enemies on their journey, some of which are considered mandatory encounters, but most of them can be searched according to the players’ own schedules. One elden ring A player recently encountered a bug that allowed him to glitch inside a walking shrine enemy.

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Among the many enemies elden ring Have to offer, walking shrines may be the biggest. They take the form of giant tortoise-like creatures with rocky bodies, giant bells hanging from their stomachs, and entire buildings carried on their backs. These creatures can be found roaming in the game’s open ocean.

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The shrine can be entered at the top of the back of the Walking Shrine, where players can duplicate the rewards they got from killing Demigod Bosses. However, players are encouraged to attack the creature’s feet first to stop it in its tracks before attempting to enter. Redditor Whatevers2084 shared a video of them trying to enter the shrine door, walking without stopping the giant monster first and instantly glitching inside the monster. This isn’t the first mistake Elden Ring players encounter, but it could be one of the funniest.

In the video, Whatevers2084 is shown riding her horse over a combination of rocky and grassy terrain. Using a nearby mountain to gain some height, they were able to jump onto the back of the moving walking shrine and locate the door. However, upon getting off the horse and trying to open the door, the character appears to be flying. They defected into the building and then into the rocky body of the creature.

The video ends with Whatevers2084 still trapped inside the creature, not causing any damage but also apparently unable to get out. The final scene had the player decide to zoom in on his character’s face and have the character perform a gesture called “the loop” that involves raising the hands above the head in a circle. Although Mobile Shrines can technically be attacked, they are not actually enemies for certain purposes elden ring Mechanics. In other words, they cannot be targeted, which means players can still use the map to move farther. This will likely be good news for Whatevers2084 and any other player interested in trying to get to the Walking Shrine building.

elden ring Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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