Elden Ring players come up with funny concepts for Malenia

elden ring Fans were theorizing what the title, contents, and style would be for a contemporary album revolving around Malenia, Blade of Miquella. elden ringIts most famous boss has received much criticism since its launch, but that doesn’t stop the community from embracing an excellent opportunity to approach the controversial Rott Goddess in a more subtle tone.

FromSoftware titles are either popular or tainted with difficulty, depending on your point of view. Having a way to build a character inspired by character specs, intricate locations that transform into puzzle pieces in an interconnected area, and confrontations against deities that require the memory of a god to master are all essential to what falls under the Solsborn moniker. Although it boasts less of an under-appreciation of the aforementioned aspects, the soundtracks accompanying these games have found a niche but fan-loving group over the years.

Today’s video games

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Due to the image uploaded to Reddit by u/bluerobefella, music fans and other fans alike got a chance to show off their brand prowess. She captures Malenia during her transition scene, where the Scarlet Rot blooms again, to send her into the second phase of the fight. Focusing on its new wings and surrounding butterflies, the screenshot has an added “Advisor” disclaimer in the lower left corner, similar to how contemporary albums with explicit content indicate the presence of such material.

With the caption “Album Label” the user invited the comments to enjoy, and they were not disappointed. “Rotten to the Core” and “IMalenia” had some of the most laudable suggestions, but simply naming the album wasn’t enough for others, who continued to make suggestions for tracks, including “Blade of Miquella” and “Scarlet Rock.” Like ‘Miquellife Crisis’, unlike previous metal-inspired rap shows, it should be noted that FromSoftware is no stranger to inviting other styles to celebrate their results, with an upcoming show. elden ring A concert that will broadcast jazz with the often horrific choirs of the lands in between.

From program titles blood borne And the dark souls 3 Both contain expansions that include much-acclaimed music, with themes of Ludwig, Lady Maria and Slave Knight Gael amidst a sea of ​​tracks that content creators and online music producers often interact with. This trend continued with elden ringwhere the main theme has been remixed by Alex Moukala, a composer who often analyzes video game music, with fifteen different styles, including Darksynth, Baroque and Reggae.

elden ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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