Elden Ring vs Horizon Forbidden West – What Should You Get?

Any PlayStation player who has been interested in the Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West versions will know that they are highly talked about and currently recommended on PS4 and PS5. However, not everyone has the time or money to invest in two giant global games at full price like this one. With this in mind, what should you get?

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Elden Ring POS revolves mostly around the written world of George R.R. Martin in FromSoftware. This game is huge and challenging, like its predecessors (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). If you have played and enjoyed any of those previous titles, you will likely fall in love with Elden Ring as many FromSoftware fans and easily lose up to 80 hours of playing time in it. You still have a lot of very challenging boss fights against a bunch of unique monsters, and this might be the only game you’ve been thinking about for a while if you’re as fond of it as some of the others.

With the aforementioned, like any other game, Elden Ring isn’t perfect. There have been a lot of complaints thrown at the game’s lack of accessibility and accessibility. Newcomers are likely to get very frustrated and easily miss the simple basic things that a game usually goes with, like the tutorial. Some have also questioned the game’s design, performance, and stability in general, on PC in particular.

We really only recommend Elden Ring if you’re a pro at FromSoftware and know you’ll enjoy this kind of challenging game. The game can be quite stressful, so this game is designed for a very specific type of player.

Forbidden horizon west

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Horizon Forbidden West’s selling point is that it is a follow-up to the great game Horizon Zero Dawn from 2017. As with many other first-party offerings from PlayStation Studios, the game is very cinematic and the characters lovable. However, traversal around the world is not the best, and if you don’t play Zero Dawn, you may feel lost in the story. Also, if you have played the previous game, Forbidden West can feel the same experience again. While there are some improvements and changes, the game could look like Horizon 1.5 rather than being a complete sequel in parts.

Unlike the Elden Ring, the Forbidden West is much friendlier. While there are more difficult difficulties, you can also adjust the experience to suit your own needs. You can change the damage you and enemies take to each other as well as a bunch of different access settings. Hunting robotic dinosaurs is as fun as it has always been in this game, but the side puzzles can feel like the game is trying to hold your hand through everything a lot.

So which one do you choose?

Like any other time you have to choose between two games, the choice will come down to your personal preference. If you enjoy challenging and unforgiving experiences, Elden Ring is the best option out there than ever. Horizon Forbidden West should be your choice if you want to enjoy a cinematic experience with a checklist of things to do similar to Assassin’s Creed. Both are great games and. They were massive success stories as early as 2022, so there’s really no bad choice here, depending on your gaming tastes.

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