Elden Ring: Where to find all the shards of Starlight

Starlight shards are among the rarest consumables in elden ringJust competing with her caterpillar tears, Heavenly Dew, and a few others. Its rarity is probably a good thing. One use gives you several minutes of continuous FP regeneration, allowing you to cast and use spells ashes of war Often much more than intended.

Such a mechanic can get you out of a tight spot or give you an unexpected advantage in PvP, but you’ll need to choose when to use your Starlight Shards carefully, once you’ve collected them all, you’ll have to start a new playthrough to get more. Below are the locations of each Starlight Shard in the lands between.

How to get Starlight shards in Elden Ring and their locations

Only 23 Starlight Shards available in all elden ringalthough if you go to New Game Plus, everything will reset, and you can continue to collect it. There is a maximum of two for each major area, with none at any of the underground areas or Snow Field/Haligtree levels. There are also no fragments in the Faram Azula collapse due to the small size of that area.

We’ll list each Starlight Shard by their location, in the order you’re likely to find them. Note that all Starlight Shards you find in the outside world will be next to the Half Moon Altars. The only people who break this rule are those you find in Moonlight Altar accessible through the Ranni quest.

Limgrave Starlight Shard 1

You will find the first Starlight Shard in the southern part of Limgrave. It is on top of a cliff near the ruins east of the South Agile Lake site of Grace and Forlorn Hound’s Evergaol. As with almost all the parts listed here, it’s near a ramp.

Limgrave Starlight Shard 2

The second group on this list is in the Stormhill region of North Limgrave. Starting at Stormhill Shack Site of Grace, head west until you reach the slopes, then turn south. On the extreme southwest edge, there is a small protruding escarpment, where you will find the Shard.

Crying Peninsula Starlight Shard

The single Starlight Shard is located on the Weeping Peninsula on the eastern hill near Rise. The easiest way to get there is to grab Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace halfway to the castle itself, then turn around and head north up the path to the hill. Once you’re up the hill, turn around and head southeast toward the eastern slopes. You should see the Half Moon Altar from afar.

Liurnia from Starlight Shard Lakes

You will need to grab a file Glintstone Academy For the easiest route to the Liurnia Starlight Shard. Use it to get to the academy’s main gate location, then take the gate north through the broken bridge. Once you reach the northeastern part of the area, head south and head along the side hill past the Divine Tower. Pick up the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace as you travel.

The Starlight Shard is located on the western slopes across from the small forest just south of the Carian Study Hall.

Caelid Starlight Shard 1

number elden ring The gameplay would be the same without a trip to the hell that is Caelid, and there are two Starlight Shards to collect here.

The first is on the southwest slopes, almost immediately south as you enter the area from the Limgrave. Use Grace’s Caelid Highway South location as a sign and head straight west from there. You should see the Half Moon Altar from afar.

Clade Starlight Shard 2

The second element is a short distance from the Plague Church that you reach as part of Millicent’s mission. You can either head south from Dragonbarrow in Greydoll or north from Sellia, Town of Sorcery. If you choose the latter option, you will not only need to break the seal on the north exit of the city but also dodge the giant steel balls.

Dragonbarrow Starlight Shard Site

The only Starlight Shard is in the Dragonbarrow in Greydoll not far to the southeast of Bestial Sanctum where Gorank, the beast clergyman, spirits. Teleport to the Sanctum Site of Grace and head southeast to the slopes. You should see the altar from a distance.

Altus Plateau Starlight Shard Location

The only part of the Altus Plateau is located at the northernmost point behind the shaded castle. From the Grand Lift of Rold or Erdtree Gazing Hill Sites of Grace, take the lower road north until you reach the castle. Do not go to the castle grounds. Instead, head toward the western side of the walls and go around the back of the castle. The altar along the northern slopes is hard to miss.

Mount Gilmer Starlight Shards Location 1

On your way to Volcano Manor, you will come across the first Shard on Gelmir Mountain. Once you arrive at Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite of Grace with Spiritspring and Staircase nearby. Take either to the full-grown Fallingstar Beast arena. The altar is located on the western edge of the plaza, so you either avoid the boss or defeat him to get to it.

Mount Gilmer Starlight Shard 2

To get to the second segment on Mount Gilmer, you’ll need to get to the Sittwater River via the Altus Plateau. Head northwest from the Wyndham wreck and take the river along the way, bypassing the Magma Wyrm that you will defeat as part of the Alexander’s missionto me Primordial Magician Azure. The Starlight Shard is located southeast of the enchanting cliffs outside the Demi-human Queen Arena.

Mountain peaks from the Giants Starlight Shard 1

The first Starlight Shards are located in the peaks of the Giants Mountains in the far northwest of the region. The easiest way to find it is to head north directly to Castle Sol Main Gate Site of Grace, then head approximately west from there. Follow the western cliffs until you enter the Death Rite Bird world bosses area, and the altar should be overlooking the cliff side. Either defeat the boss or reload the area to get the Shard safely.

Mountaintops from the Giants Starlight Shard 2

The second element is present on the eastern slopes of the mountaintops, specifically the section of the tombs of the giants. The best path is to grab the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace, then head northeast to the slopes at the edge of the area. The altar is guarded by giant hand enemies but is easy to spot.

The remaining 11 Starlight shards come directly from missions or mission areas. if you follow Rani’s endeavorFinally, you’ll make your way to the Cathedral of Manos Siles at the Moonlight Altar. There are 10 Starlight shards scattered around the destroyed church.

The ultimate Starlight Shard is part of The Witch Selene’s Missionwhich she’ll give you when you give her the Primeval Sorcerer Lusat (it’s in a hidden cemetery called Sellia Hideaway in Caelid).

With this, you have the location of all Starlight Shards in elden ring. Since there are only 23 available, use them wisely until you plan to delve deeper into the New Game Plus tournaments. for more elden ring Content, check out our guides The site of all legendary weaponsAnd the Corhyn and Goldmask’s missionAnd the How to defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood. our elden ring Axle guide She has tons more.

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