Elden’s ring does not need to be forged

game masterpiece, Elden ring It is easily one of the greatest RPGs of the past ten years. By introducing an open world, Hidetaka Miyazaki expanded and revolutionized the Soulsborne genre he had refined. If it only had an open world the game would be great, but there are more innovations heaped into this one game. Elden ring It features a robust magic system, the polished combat the Souls series is known for, and the deep and interesting lore created by George R.R. Martin.

FromSoftware has made a great RPG in which players can easily get lost for countless hours. There is always a new bit of knowledge to uncover, and from gameplay, Elden ring Refine the gameplay for Evil spirits Toys. New mechanics have also been introduced in this new evolution of the Soulsborne genre, including fast travel, unlimited stamina outside of combat, and many small dungeons to explore. However, not every new mechanic works in the game’s favor. especially, Elden ringThe crafting mechanic adds little to the game overall and actively contradicts its design philosophy.

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Manufacturing does not match Elden Ring design

Crafting weapons and items has become a common mechanic in games, and most modern 3D games feature it in some form. While it is unlikely that the formulation will be implemented in Elden ring Because they are trendy, this does not change the fact that they do nothing for the overall game experience. Players can only craft a handful of items from the beginning, and to unlock the option to craft more items, players have to search for or purchase “cookbooks”. Cookbooks are scattered all over the world, and each unlocks more items for players to craft. However, most of these items can be found in several areas throughout The Lands Between without having to craft them. This means, with the exception of the multiplayer elements, crafting can be pretty much ignored throughout the entire game without much change to the gameplay or overall experience.

Besides the fact that most craftable items can be found naturally in the world or purchased from vendors, crafting does not support the overall design of the game. If players are supposed to use crafting to access useful items without grinding, locking them behind cookbooks – which some players might not find – doesn’t provide them with reliable access to those items. Furthermore, craftable items provide players with slight advantages in certain areas, but this does not apply if the player has not found the recipe. Honestly, Elden ring It would offer players the same benefit if he had an increased number of territories or enemies who kept these items instead.

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Elden Ring’s phrasing feels underdeveloped

The open world map of the Elden Ring

Elden ringThe entire design philosophy revolves around discovery and overcoming difficulties, but the crafting mechanic doesn’t support that. The Lands Between encourages players to explore the world and discover new passages, quests, and treasures from the story. If craft items are more readily available throughout the world, such as the Erdleaf Flower, this will encourage players to explore new areas and discover these items. While players have to explore to find cookbooks, they are usually hidden or sold by merchants, and players may miss out on them entirely. However, this does not stop players’ progress because items can be found elsewhere. If the mechanic is removed, the game will remain largely unchanged.

The wording does not affect Elden ringDifficulty in any way, but it feels underdeveloped and underutilized. Previous Souls games have successfully provided players with tools without the need to add a crafting mechanic. While the open world design Elden ring Had to update it from previous games, industry may not be the best solution. The mechanic does not add much, if anything, to the overall gameplay and has little impact on the game in general. Fortunately, this also means that the game as a whole does not suffer from its inclusion. While an unnecessary mechanism, future titles may find a way to better incorporate it or do away with it entirely.

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