Elden’s Ring: Where to find Muhammad’s handcuff

To find Mohg’s restraints at the Elden Ring, the smoldering pilgrims must venture into the subterranean revival land beneath Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

Similar to Margit’s Shackle sold by Patches, Mohg’s Shackle is a tool in elden ring Used to ease the boss’s battle with Mohg by temporarily binding the Blood Lord to the Earth. Many Tarnished have found an additional benefit to this tool by using it as a catalyst to freeze the Demigod in place, allowing players to eliminate the boss of Mohgwyn’s Palace. However, getting to find a Mog constraint is in itself a challenge elden ringas the item is hidden deep within the sewers below Lyndale, the royal capital.

To get a glow constraint elden ringThe famous adventurers must first locate the well that serves as the primary entrance to the Forsaken Subterranean Land. Beginning at the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, traverse the top of a guarded wall through the Oracle Envoys. Use the elevator in the opposite building to reach ground level and reach the main street. Head southwest and turn right to enter the ruined metropolitan area. Consider Erdtree’s avatar who will be descending near the neighborhood gate.

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After resting at the Avenue Balcony Grace location, go down the stairwell on the right. Turn left and jump over the railing and into the courtyard below. In a corner to the north is a well where the crosses can enter the city sewers elden ring. It is recommended that travelers rush into the well quickly as many nearby benuric reptiles will try to grab the player.

Mohg’s shackle location in Elden Ring

Elden ring where you find the shackle of Mohgs

Keep going through the first few sewer tunnels to get to a dark room crawling with giant rats. Open the door in front of you and turn left, jump into a spacious corridor with hideous enemies. Enter the room on the first right to find Grace’s location on the side of the underground road. Next, go down the ladder to the left of the closed door opposite Grace’s room. This corridor will lead to the central sewage area, which can be recognized by the system of wooden pallets and pipes.

Turn right, jump down onto the tube below, and go down again to reach the sewer floor elden ring. Dodge the nearby Giant Lobster attack and go through the hole in the wall on the left. Take the stairs on the right and rest at the Grace of the Leyndell Catacombs location. Once the sprint runner is reset, go back to the entrance and look at the right wall where the sewage is flowing. A glow constraint can be found on the muck pile to the left of the drain outlet. Be careful sleeping near the Giant Lobster when trying to pick him up.

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