Elon Musk reveals his Elden Ring design

Billionaire Elon Musk talks about FromSoftware’s Elden Ring RPG, revealing the structure he uses in the game.

Billionaire Elon Musk never made his love of video games a secret, praising games like Blizzard’s hero-shooter Note and watch and the infinite aura Campaign. Musk has now spoken about his time playing the epic action RPG from FromSoftware elden ringto the point of revealing the design he uses in the game.

Via Twitter, the History Defined account shared a photo of the Tree of Life mosaic in Hisham’s Palace, which is located near Jericho in Palestine. Musk responded to the photo with:elden ring Vibes” in a tweet that collected over 15,000 likes. Twitter user KangaroO then responded to Musk’s comment and asked him what design he was playing in the game. With Musk having over 91 million followers on Twitter, one can be forgiven for assuming he didn’t reply Never to KangaroO, but Musk did respond with the syntax he claims to be using elden ring.

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According to Musk, it is currently using elden ring A build that focuses on dexterity and intelligence, allowing him to play as a magician but also to use melee weapons when needed. Musk says he uses a shield in his left hand, while holding a stick in his right hand. when musk elden ring The character does not cast spells, likes to use a double-edged sword and claws. Musk is also fluid when it comes to the armor he possesses elden ring Wearing the character, he switches between heavy and medium weight depending on whether he needs to roll quickly or work like a tank.

Musk added that he prepares many different things elden ring The spells are in play, and it’s important to call “many small hits in a row” to stack the damage. Musk also left the commentator a tip to use the summons to improve his chances in the game. elden ring Players can summon other players from around the world to help in cooperation, but they can also summon Spirit Ashes for help as well.

Musk isn’t the first celebrity to talk about playing elden ring. Recently, WWE star Randy Orton revealed that he also plays elden ring Dedicate a little. Although he did not reveal what structure he uses in the game, Orton claimed that he was at level 527, which is a ridiculously high level in the game. Orton revealed this a couple of weeks ago, so it’s safe to say he’s probably closer to elden ring The maximum level is now.

elden ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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