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You already know what we’re here to talk about: Pokemon Scarlett and Violet. Not long after it was revealed, we now have a pretty good idea of ​​what the next generation of Pokémon will look like – which is pretty exciting. Co-op, open world, skilled masters, new pokemon, skilled masters…everything.

However, it wasn’t all about the next generation this week. We also have a little Pokemon Unite news, for those of you who are still grinding away in MOBA. All that and more in this week’s Pokémon News Feed.

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Lots of Pokemon Skullite and Violet News

Where do you start? This week Pokemon Direct gave us loads of information about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, including its release date: November 18, 2022. The world will be open from the start, and the area can be explored as a team in four player co-op. Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, composed many of the tracks for the game, returning from Pokemon Sword & Shield. And of course, we took a look at the new legends. They look like little penises, but that seems to be on purpose.

The Gamer video today

Professors are hot, but they can be bad

The Pokémon Company really likes to give us great masters, doesn’t it? The last set was all pretty decent, and it was so consistent that there’s no coincidence at this point. They’ve seen how embarrassed we are because of Willow, they know what they’re doing. Well, Scarlet & Violet does not give us one, but two charms to guide us through the world of Pokemon. As our Jade King said, this is a nightmare for bisexuals. There’s actually a fan theory that they’re actually going to be the bad guys. But I don’t care, they have my support regardless.

Lichonk won our hearts

One of the first things everyone quickly noticed about Scarlet & Violet is that one of the new Pokémon has the best name imaginable: Lechonk. a look! It’s a pig! He’s chunky! You’ve called Lechonk! Glorious glorious things. Unsurprisingly, Lechonk quickly became a fan favorite, and has already appeared on the AEW banner. However, like so many sexy masters, there is a turn: Lechonk may actually be quite violent. As one Spanish fan explained, Lechonk rely on wild planks, and they are not known for being friendly.

Delphox is coming to Pokemon Unite on June 8

Here you go – one piece of non-scarlet and violet news for the few of you that hasn’t been promoted. Delphox has been confirmed as the next ‘mon to the Pokemon Unite, and will be added to the game on Wednesday, June 8. The Gen 6 novice will be the attacker. As Unite enters its second year of continuous development, it’s good to see many new characters joining the roster at a healthy pace. The franchise project in the MOBA space appears to have been a success.

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