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Punishment kung fu adventure Sevo It will soon be coming to PlayStation and PC, providing a rigorous challenge only suitable for hardcore gamers.

Developed by Sloclap (a veteran of the martial arts genre, previously made 2017 absolute), the title is just a mid-budget affair and not an AAA-wide movie, for example, Forbidden horizon west or elden ring.

Nevertheless, it managed to maintain its position against these press conference-hitters, capturing everyone’s attention with its unique design choices and interesting mechanics.

The word “Sifu” is widely translated from the original Cantonese into English as “experienced expert”. This title is a nod to your in-game kung fu teacher, whose murder you are trying to take revenge. The narrative is divided into five distinct chapters, each of which revolves around you to track down a different person involved in killing your Sifu.

Sevo Play Features Explained

The game is basically gritty, as you progress through linear stages and face entire groups of people at once. You have the typical light, heavy, exclusive, and counterattack moves, and you can also use the environment to your advantage in a number of clever ways. For example, you can jump over tables to get out of tight spaces, push opponents down stairs, or kick them out of windows for instant kills.

At the end of each combat challenge, you will challenge one of your master’s assassins to an uphill duel. These boss fights are so cruel and merciless that they rival them Screw: Shadow dies twice In terms of incredible difficulty.

It’s not just a button blending experience, you’ll also have to master more complex systems. Specifically, there is a roguelike element to play with Sevo. When you die (which is guaranteed to happen a lot here), your nameless avatar is miraculously revived via a special spell.

While this may sound like it would make the game absurdly easy, there is a cost associated with each of these revivals. When you come back to life, your character is aging for at least a year or two, making them significantly weaker and lowering their overall health. You have a chance to counter this aging process by defeating some special enemies, but this is only a Band-Aid solution.

If you get hit many times, you will exceed your age limit and then the game will be over correctly. At this point, you can either start the level again (from a relatively old age) or just cut your losses and start with a clean slate.

The picture shows the gameplay of “Sifu”. The flexible combat in martial arts is the main selling point of the title.

There is an upgrade system that allows you to spend experience to unlock new abilities during a certain run, but once you last die you will lose them all. However, you will learn a way to permanently add moves to your repertoire, so things will get easier in the end.

finally, Sevo He also has a detective mechanic that made you try to uncover the reason behind your teacher’s murder. Clues are scattered around each level, helping you to fill up an investigation board and reach previously inaccessible areas.

Throw in multiple endings and branching options (a spin on whether you save your goals’ lives) and you’ve got a compelling all-in-one package right here.

Sevo Release date and opening time and cost

Sevo It was released on PS4, PS5, and PC on Tuesday, February 8th.

Those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition were already given the chance to play it, via an early access window that opened on February 6.

For everyone else, the game will release at midnight on February 8. This syncs with your local time, so your online copy opens at 12am whether you’re in ET, PST or GMT.

as was the case with Forza Horizon 5This means that it can technically cheat the system a bit by setting your PlayStation’s internal clock to New Zealand time (so midnight hits 18 hours earlier).

deluxe edition of Sevo It costs $49.99 on the PlayStation Store (discounted to $44.99 for PS Plus members). With this, you will get a digital art book and additional soundtrack. Meanwhile, the Standard Edition costs $39.99.

These pricing arrangements are the same for PC, where the game is exclusive to the Epic Games Store platform.

Sivo screenshot
The image shows an official screenshot of “Sifu”. The game features an unusual approach to death, where your character advances every time you are defeated in combat.

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