Final Fantasy 16 might be the next Elden episode

elden ring It is a unique case study in the ability of hype to exist around a game with little or no information about it. after elden ringAfter the game was revealed, the game remained completely silent for an incredibly long time. Some were convinced it was a fever dream or that elden ring He will never see the light of day – something that has undoubtedly been complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. But, nevertheless, fans began to make fake lore, the thrill of each event, and much more. In fact, its release in the coming days has a lot elden ring Fans worry about “dying” or getting lost — they still are.

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It’s not the only game in this shoe, but it is by far one of the biggest and most anticipated. starfield Another example, where fans were promoted before when only the name was known, and there is still very little information. This noise train continues to operate. It appears that FInal Fantasy 16 This is the next game elden ring or starfield In terms of culture hype.

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Final Fantasy 16 news coming in 2022…

exactly like elden ring, Perhaps with more information, Final Fantasy 16 He received the initial reveal announcement, released some details about the word and characters, and then disappeared. This, again like a lot elden ringdue to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Fans know that a show of Final Fantasy 16 It will take place this year, but there’s no promise of a release date or anything like that. It could be the gameplay, more cinematic trailers, and news, but to what degree it all remains to be seen.

that’s good. just us elden ring Fans have managed to keep their hype alive with bogus lore and more, Final Fantasy 16 Fans have been making theory since day one: some believe Clive is dominant over Ifrit, some believe an older generation form has been revealed, some believe she is Shiva dominant, and much more. These conversations have continued since the first reveal, and if nothing else, the upcoming show will dominate this conversation for some time.

On ResetEra, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer said he won’t be holding his breath for a while Final Fantasy 16 Released in 2022. The hype train keeps moving forward. Many think of the “hype culture” negatively, and Cyberpunk 2077 movie A good example of that. But it’s hard to deny that “hype culture” has been beneficial to games throughout this pandemic and is likely to continue in games like Final Fantasy 16.

Pedigree of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 16, and 2022

Final Fantasy 16 news Joshua

Of course, this hype has to be for the right reasons, and it can make it difficult for a game to live up to that hype. Given these, this is exactly what went wrong in CBurbank 2077release. He’s regained a lot of goodwill since then, but all the hype was based on the belief and pedigree of CD Projekt Red – an innovator. the magician. This is neither a good nor a bad thing, because expecting great games from developers who make great games makes sense. This hype around elden ring And the starfield Follow the same logic—created by FromSoftware and Bethesda, respectively.

Final Fantasy 16The current hype falls into a slightly different category. Yes, the publisher and developer behind it are important, but Final Fantasy That’s where the franchise is behind it more than anything else. While some of the entries aren’t great compared to the others, they each have amassed their own fan base. This is another example of hype culture as well.

elden ring Something different even from others souls games and starfield It’s Bethesda’s first new IP address in some time. So, the developer’s pedigree bears it. But Sheikh Scrolls 6 He has franchise and developer pedigree behind its hype, and that’s not going away any time soon. Final Fantasy 16at least in this respect, finds itself somewhere in between elden ring And the Sheikh Scrolls 6even if its marketing tends more towards the former.

in the end of the day, Final Fantasy 16 It might not be released in 2022, but that’s not the hype expiration date either.

Final Fantasy 16 In development for PS5.

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Source: Jason Schreyer (via Resetera)

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