Forget Snow, these Pokemon areas should be explored more

with Pokemon: Legends of Arceus And the Shiny diamonds and shiny pearls Launching in the past 12 months, fans have been able to explore Sinoh’s past and present in quick succession. With these games providing additional context for the region and its traditions, other regions can certainly benefit from the same treatment. It is not known whether legends The streak will continue, but it may give overlooked areas a chance in the spotlight.

Among all the regions explored in Pokemon Games, some feel embodying it more than others. Snouh really felt like one of the most explored, with its extensive traditions and the fact that Generation 4 was one of the few that lasted longer than three years. It is not known whether legends The series will continue, but after being well received compared to pokemon sword and shield and its huge issues, It would be a no-brainer. through time Pokemon scarlet and violet Released, there will be eight major regions that have yet to be fully explored.

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When it comes to deciding which areas are worth further exploration, a number of factors must be considered. Hardware limitations at the time of release meant that older generations could benefit most from a full 3D reimagining, even if it happened centuries in the past. Instead, games with weaker stories that can be expanded will be prime candidates for the new legends Toys. Finally, the amount of time since they last visited each area should play a role in how likely they are to return. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Updating the franchise’s aging formula, so that the series itself can breathe new life into the popular but network-based locations of old games.

The next Pokémon game should allow players to re-visit an ancient region

A split image was used for Surf and Cut in Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black/White, respectively.

The Johtu area seems to be an area that is easy to rejuvenate. Although it is perhaps the smallest area due to sharing the spotlight with Kanto, it has been 13 years since fans have been able to explore a new experience in the Johto area. Prospect Pokemon Legends: Celebi It would make a lot of sense given Celebi’s time-traveling abilities, and Johto’s rich history with its many ancient sites. The burning tower has not yet been burned, and the ruins of a thousand locations can form an interesting story similar to the ruins of Solaceon in Mythology: Arceus. A similar case can be presented for the Unova region, with pokemon black and white You will likely get a remake, too. Like Johto, it’ll be over a decade since I was last able to revisit it by the time a new entry comes out, and it could finally allow us to see the original combined form of Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem before splitting into the three Pokémon as we know them today.

Perhaps the area in greatest need of revisiting is the Gallar area, specifically an overhaul. Linear dungeon layouts can definitely be reincarnated back into the region. Also, frequent references to events that occurred 1,000 years ago, provide a powerful potential environment for these games which can provide an opportunity to address the many missed opportunities in pokemon sword and shield. Even though it’s only been three years since their release, the games have remained controversial, so correcting these bugs could lead to some goodwill from a divided fan base.

Announcement Pokemon Legends: Arceus It was certainly a surprise, and made it even more difficult to predict how Game Freak would determine which games would go forward. We hope it will still allow fans to return to the old areas to see them in a new light. Now, the DLC for Pokemon scarlet and violet Seems like the next most likely step, but then, file legends The game will not go wrong.

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