Gen 9 confirmed, new legends update, and more

The biggest Pokemon news of the week happened just a few hours ago thanks to Pokemon Presents. Unsurprisingly, most of the stories in our roundup come from that, including the reveal of a whole new game.

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But we have at least one surprise to get through, and one that has absolutely nothing to do with matches. Here are the biggest Pokemon stories from the past seven days.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is coming late 2022

To pretty much everyone’s surprise, Gen 9 is coming in much sooner than expected. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launches on the Nintendo Switch later this year, and it looks like it’s somewhat far in development. The trailer gave us a lot of details, showing off different areas of the new area, which we don’t know the name of yet. The starters have also been revealed, and everyone has already fallen in love with them. Especially the cat grass – which is obviously the best.

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pokemon legends arceus update

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Daybreak Update Adds New Missions and Battles

Nothing could really beat a Gen 9 reveal, but that was still surprising in itself. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is receiving an update today, adding a new investigation as well as new combat battles. These battles will take place on the training grounds, and appear to be fought with familiar NPCs, such as the leaders of the Diamond and Pearl clans. This comes just a month after the launch of Legends: Arceus, which indicates that we can expect more updates like this in the future.


Duraludon is coming to Pokemon Unite, new game modes announced

Pokemon Unite is not neglected during the Pokemon Day celebrations. We’ve received news of one of the next “Mons” to join the roster, Duraludon, as well as information about new game modes, which are now live in the game. Battle of Full Fury allows players to choose any Pokemon, and it’s much faster. On top of reducing the waiting time for the game to start, the cooldown times are much shorter, as well as the reappear times. This game mode will be available every Saturday, Sunday and Monday while the Pokemon Day event is live.

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Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Finally Let You Capture Shaymen

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl players quickly found a way to get Shaymin by crossing the limits when the new version was released. Now, you can get Legendary Pokemon through official means, via the Mysterious Gift feature. It will only be available for a limited time, so you will have to pick up the herbal hedgehog before March 27th. With any luck, Darkrai won’t be far behind.

pokemon cards
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Thieves get away with $250,000 worth of Pokemon cards!

And here it is, the only story of the week not related to Pokemon. With Pokemon cards selling for ridiculous amounts, it was only a matter of time before that happened. Thieves broke into a small business late at night and fled with $250,000 worth of cards. This standalone store has hit badly, but luckily donations are pouring in, and they are able to replenish their Pokémon stock. At the time of writing, no arrests have been reported.

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