How a cult classic from 2006 inspired Sifu’s latest and greatest feature

Sevo She grabbed me with both hands and didn’t let go when I first played her earlier this year. It slapped me, left me dead, and demanded, by its unique old mechanic, that I be immediately back on my feet and back again. What started with me shuffling that deadly coil at 75, battered and bruised, halfway up a level two in the nightclub, ended with me whipping the last boss’ ass on his fifth and final stage when I was in my late 30s. Chinese martial arts expert. Fighting its hordes of faceless villains, five charismatic heroes at the end of the zone, and of course, Sifu’s ruthless hands of time is addicting. And while I’ve since managed to rip myself off Sloclap’s catchy action fighter, I’m now ready to come back as a direct result of its newest feature: the hats.

(Image credit: Sloclap)

Anyone familiar with Sifu’s busy mod scene will know it’s full of casual cosmetic fixes, but this varies. By choosing to equip a hat before the battle, the player will retain his hood until he maintains the first hit. Once they are hit, it drops in motion which is a badge visible only to the most skilled fighters – simple yet effective; A hilarious refutation of Git Gud culture, while embracing it at the same time.

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