How did Rhyhorn & Rhydon evolve into Rhyperior

Rhyperior is one of the most powerful Pokemon in Legends: Arceus – here’s how you can evolve your Rhyhorn and Rhydon into it!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduced a lot of new developments to the series, as well as bringing back a lot of the classics.

Hisui is the old version of the always known Sinnoh district. So, it makes sense that every Gen 4 Pokemon is back in the massive Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex.

Of course, this means that the Rhyperior’s ground/rock power is also back. Here’s how you can get one by developing it!

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Raidon Warrior Pokémon Arsius Legends


While Rhyperior may be one of the strongest Ground/Rock-Type ‘Mon players in the game right now, that may not be the case for much longer. Rumored Legends: Arceus DLC Could Add 158 Pokémon!

Also, before finding out how to get the Rhyperior, check out how to develop these other powerful Gen 4 evolutions:

How does Rhyhorn evolve into Rhydon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Evolution of Rhyhorn into Rhydon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus requires a high level of friendship.

  • First, grab the Rhyhorn. They are very common and can be found in many locations north of the Crimson Mirelands and south of the Coronet Highlands.
  • Make sure to use this clever way to increase the shiny possibilities in Pokemon Legends: Arceus if you want a shiny one!
  • Get your Rhyhorn to level 42 – This will take some time, so use it in every possible battle.
  • Once it reaches level 42, you can upgrade your Rhyhorn to Rhydon.

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Redon Pokemon Legends of Arceus


How does Rhydon evolve into a Rhyperior in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

You’ll need an Evolution item – the Protector – to evolve Rhydon into a Rhyperior in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

  • You’ll need to get the Rhydon first. Either develop it from the Rhyhorn or catch one at the Sacred Plaza or Celestica Trail locations in Coronet Highlands.
  • Next, get a file protector.
  • You can buy a Protector for 1,400 Merit Points at Jubilife Village Trading Post.
  • Finally, use the protector in Rhydon to evolve him into a Rhyperior in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

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This way you can evolve Rhyhorn and Rhydon into Rhyperior in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! Good luck completing Hisui Pokedex and catching Arceus himself!

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Rhyperior


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