How Sifu blends authenticity, elegance, and the paranormal to deliver the ultimate Kung Fu power fantasy

It’s no small feat to become the highlight of the State of Play livestream, but one look at Sifu tells you exactly why everyone was talking about Sloclap’s upcoming PS5 game after the PlayStation show in February. A stylistically captivating ode to Chinese martial arts films and culture, Sifu is a great fighting game with a unique twist on the Game Over trope, as Pierre Tarnow revealed to GamesRadar+ after appearing on the Future Games Show – Spring Showcase.

“You play a young rural student on his way to revenge after his entire family is murdered by a squad of five mysterious killers,” he explains. “You are looking for these killers from your family and you will have to use every tool at your disposal, be it your kung fu skills or everything in the environment to survive and win in very dangerous combat situations.”

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