How to beat Glintstone Dragon Adula

There are a lot of bosses for players to tangle with elden ring, with some of them presenting a serious challenge to the Tarnied, regardless of their level. Among these bosses, dragons that players will encounter are some of the toughest enemies to eliminate, thanks to their massive size, barrage of attacks, and outright destructive power. During their journey, players will battle with a wide variety of dragons, including some secret bosses that reward the player with powerful spells and weapons.

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A good example of this is the Glintstone Dragon Adula, a majestic creature that players will encounter twice during their missions through the lands in between. She is a rather strong opponent, and she can instantly kill an unprepared suspicious character, but the reward for taking her down is worth it. Here’s how players can find Glintstone Dragon Adula in elden ring And what happens when they finally manage to take it down.

How to Find Glintstone Dragon Adula

The first step in dealing with Adula is to start your first encounter with her. As players make their way through the Liurnia of the Lakes, they will eventually reach Legacy Dungeon in the northwest corner of the map called Caria Manor. Once players make their way through this area and eventually defeat the waiting boss, they will gain access to The Three Sisters, a small sub-area with multiple towers, including Ranni’s Rise.

Once players make their way to Ranni’s Rise, they will encounter Glintstone Dragon Adula for the first time. By having a fight with her and draining her health enough, she will eventually disappear by flying away from the area. Adula can then be found waiting in front of the cathedral of Manus Celes. Unfortunately, this area is inaccessible and can only be accessed by going through the extensive Rani quest line, which will eventually lead players to the Moonlight Altar and give them access to the area elevated above the Penorix Village. It takes a long time to get to this point, as players have to obtain the Fingerslayer blade, defeat Baleful Shadow, and then bring down a powerful Astel boss, Naturalborn of the Void. Once players have done all these things, they will be able to get to the second battle with Glintstone Dragon Adula and finally eliminate it once and for all. Those who are struggling to complete the Rani mission can follow the guide here.

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How to beat Glintstone Dragon Adula

It’s hard enough to pass Rani’s missions, but actually defeating the Glintstone Dragon Adula can be very difficult in itself. Although it’s not as powerful as some of the other dragons in the game (like Placidusax), it’s still capable of one-shot play and has a good amount of health to hack depending on how level the player is when he decides for her.

When it comes to strategy, Glintstone Dragon Adula works very similarly to most of the other dragons in the game. She has a swipe attack, a tail sweep, she can hover in the air, and she will hit opponents from the sky. Players who have dealt with other dragons shouldn’t have much trouble dodging these fairly basic attacks. What players really need to watch out for is Adula’s Moonblade and her Glintstone projectile. Occasionally, Adula conjures a large sword at her throat and sweeps the players, slashing toward them with a horizontal slash. The attack will also send splinters when finished. Both attacks cause frostbite to accumulate, which can cripple an unprepared player.

Her second attack sees the dragon build its breath and then unleashes a barrage of projectiles that will seek out and track players down. Dodging this attack, as well as sweeping the Moonblade, is a must for players who aren’t as active as they can deal devastating amounts of damage.

Once you defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula, you’ll drop Adula’s Moonblade magic, which allows players to conjure their mighty sword, as well as the lukewarm projectiles that come with it. This attack can create a powerful Frost, which helps players inflict more damage on enemies.

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