How to beat the tibial mariner

elden ring It is estimated to have approximately 100 bosses with the possibility of them hiding away in places players have yet to discover. some of these elden ring The bosses are quite unique, but a handful of them appear more than once during the game. Tibia Mariner is one of those repeat chiefs.

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Tibia Mariners are skeletal recallers who sit in a canoe and roam around a waterlogged area. D, Hunter of the Dead, in Roundtable Hold will reward you with a trip to Caelid, specifically Sanctum Bestial Sanctum, if you defeat Tibia Mariner, and they weren’t too hard to fight thanks to their lack of powerful moves and ability to ride torrents to fight.

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Where do you find leg sailors in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring Tibia Mariner Boss Summonwater Village Global Map Guide Location

There are few Tibia Mariner bosses in elden ring, the first of which can be found relatively early in the game. The first Tibia Mariner was found in the village of Summonwater in Limgrave, a site aptly named for this chief just a short distance east all the way from Saintsbridge Site of Lost Grace.

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The second Tibia Mariner is found in the Liurnia of the Lakes in the eastern swamps of the flooded area west of the Artist’s Shack Site of Lost Grace, which houses a board that players must stop looking at. The Tibia Mariner is located around the Wyndham ruins on Mount Gilmer, and a fourth can be found in the Land of the Giants.

Tibia Mariner Group and Weaknesses

Elden Ring Tibia Mariner Boss directs a melee jump attack

Many consider Tibia Mariner to be an easy boss, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate her. Tibia Mariner has some abilities that can surprise players if they commit too much attack, and her ability to teleport around the battlefield to summon undead allies makes it difficult to fight one-on-one for an extended period of time.

One thing that makes fighting with Tibia Mariner easier is the ability to ride Torrent, which makes avoiding the boss summons that much easier. The best spirit summon to use in this battle is one that summons multiple allies, as this will force the Tibia Mariner’s skeletons to focus on other targets and you’ll have plenty of room to face the Mariner head-on.

Moveset Mariner

  • Summon skeletons: Summon a bunch of skeletal minions over the course of a few seconds. Minions will continue to summon even if the navigator is damaged.
  • teleport: Mariner suddenly disappears and reappears away from the player, summoning skeletal minions at the same time.
  • AoE near range wave: Summons a huge wave under the boat that rises above the player and collapses over a wide area. High damage in the AoE area and kills his skeletons.
  • near term peace: The boat rises and follows the player’s movements for a moment before it falls. Medium damage, but hard to avoid without running away.
  • oar swipe: Mariner slowly pulls the paddle back and swings it for a sharp attack on the player’s side. Great damage, but very slow and very easy to avoid.

Mariner’s weaknesses

Tibia Mariner doesn’t have as huge a health pool as some of the bosses, although his ability to teleport away from the player when taken damage can make it a long battle with that. The Tibia Mariner’s main weakness is her super low armor (attitude) and slow attacks which are easily avoidable – although she does hit hard if she doesn’t go out of range.

The fastest way to beat this boss is to break his status and get a critical hit, which can be done more than once in combat quite easily. Magicians and spell users will find that its slow movement makes Tibia Mariner an easy target for powerful spells rather than melee strikes, though, so Ranged players can shoot arrow after arrow at it while avoiding summoning on horseback.

Strategies to beat the sea leg

elden tibia mariner . ring

It is recommended to ride Torrent in the Battle of the Tibia Mariner, as it is faster to find it again after teleporting away. It’s a battle that encourages players to keep the pressure on or eventually be overwhelmed by the skeletal minions – thanks to his all-around, slow and powerful attacks, he often kills these minions himself anyway.

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Long range players will have a very easy time with this fight as it has no way to close the distance between the two of you, and the summon is slow enough to avoid Torrent without getting hit at all. Melee players won’t find this fight too difficult, although it’s important to pay attention to slow, powerful moves and dodge accordingly.

Spellcasting / long range

The Tibia Mariner only moves by teleporting or paddling a few feet forward, so you don’t have to worry about closing gaps or close range abilities when casting spell after spell. Ride Torrent in a circle around the Mariner and assign lots of uses to the Cerulean Flask to keep damage. Make sure charging periods are fully charged for maximum damage, as you are not likely to be interrupted at range. Watch out for him to teleport away and chase after him and keep casting spells (or shooting arrows) to reduce his health from a safe distance.

melee strategies

Depending on whether you are on horseback or on foot, the fight can be very easy or a little challenging. On horseback, the strategy is to launch all-heavy attacks while slowly riding around the Mariner to avoid close sweeps and tournaments. Using Torrent allows you to find Mariner again after he travels away faster, and helps avoid being summoned as well. On foot, run away from the Mariner when he lifts one side of the boat to strike you, then run a few steps back as the boss begins to summon a wave under the boat for a nearby AoE attack.

These two attacks take a very long time to run, so you will have plenty of time to escape. Both on horseback and on foot, the Mariner is very easy to move around, so do a lot of heavy attacks and jump attacks to take advantage of this weakness – with Barricade Ash of War you can Guard Counter after most of her direct attacks as well.

elden ring Now available for PC, PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One and Series X | S.

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