How to defeat a Beastman from Farum Azula in Elden Ring

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elden ring It is the latest game from FromSoftware and a global feel. The open-world action RPG brings bosses into caves and catacombs in the style of Bloodborne’s Chalices. These caves can be found all over the map and have their own unique blessings, enemies, items, and bosses. Varum Azolla’s monster He is the leader of an underground organism found at the end of Groveside Cave in Limgrave.

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Beastman Of Farum Azula Overview

Deformed Approaching Beastman of Farum Azula

Beastman of Farum Azula Overview
Location Groveside Cave, Limgrave
my choice Yes
summoning Players and ashes of the soul
drops Talisman Flamedric
Weak To Barry attack and heavy jump

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Beastman of the Farum Azula is an underground field boss you encounter at the end of Groveside Cave. After killing the multiple wolves in the cave, you will have to deal with one of the weakest bosses in the game. The chair is optional, which means you can come across it later and find it easier. In addition, the ability to summon spirits and online players makes the battle easy. Defeating the boss will drop the Flamedrake spell, Which is very useful in boss battles that deal great fire damage.

Get the spell after defeating the Beastman of Farum Azula.

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Varum Azolla attacks monster

Beastman cuts his weapon in front of him.

The boss only has a few attacks that he alternates between. His dash and quick slashes are attacks to watch out for as they can do a lot of damage, especially early in the game.

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Deformed using magic in the monster.

There are two strategies for this battle: using continuous jumping for heavy attacks and defending or jamming the boss with Sorcery.

melee strategy

The attacking monster was distorted by a katana.

The melee strategy of this battle is more common and likely to be performed by the majority of players. There are different ways to engage in combat as a melee class. The first, which is common, is that You can focus on dodge all the attacks the Beastman throws at you and counterattack a few hits at a time. This is a very good way to fight the boss and can guarantee an easy kill.

Once you get used to his attacks, you can play more aggressively.

You can make use of your fighting mechanics like Guard Counter, Parrying and Jump Heavy Attack. These can be useful at various points in the fight, and avoiding them can wipe out about half of his health bar.

It is not recommended to block all his attacks, as some attacks may break your shield and exhaust your stamina, leaving you with no room to dodge.

When you find yourself at a medium distance from the boss, you can use Jumping Heavy Attack to close the distance and damage the distance. spirits Like wolves, they can be very useful because they distract the boss from you and cause a lot of damage. Summoning a player online will allow you to switch your boss’ style of play between players It reduces his health.

range strategy

Smudged using Glintstone Pebble to poke the chair.

The ranged strategy of this boss is much easier than the engagement strategy. If you start as a file Mine, then bring Glintstone Pebble (juggling) And the Glintstone Ark (juggling). You can bring more Flasks to recover FP than Health Flasks because you won’t take much damage but will be low in FP. Playing at a range will allow you to avoid most of his attacks except for the thrust attack, which he will use often due to the distance between you two. You can easily dodge this in any direction.

If you are using any other class and you plan to use the arc, the same strategy will apply. All you have to do is keep your distance from the shooting when you know you are safe. Bringing a short bow is better because you can shoot it faster.

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