How to get the meteorite ore blade

Katanas in the Elden Ring are among the most popular weapons to build your character around. Both magicians and short-range fighters can find these weapons incredibly handy because they are so diverse. Each katana is unique in its own way, allowing for more flexibility in the class.

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While Moonveil and Rivers of Blood have captured the hearts of many fans, other katanas tend to fly under the radar and can be included to create unique designs.


Where is the meteorite ore blade located?

To redeem this Gravity Katana, start by heading to The first step is the site of grace, where you begin your journey as a stained person in the lands between. You’ll want to head east towards Burning Dragon Ruins Immediately. Note that this is a very early game area so once you retrieve this sword you will have to invest some points to use it.

But once you reach the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, you can either kill the enemies on your way or bypass them. Regardless, you’ll want to look for the stairs that lead into a dark room full of mice. As before, either kill the mice or skip them and then enter the room straight ahead with a chest. Open the box, and it will take you to a file Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid.

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Celia Crystal Tunnel and Meteor Ore Blade

Now that you’ve been teleported to Caelid, you’re in a more difficult area of ​​the map than before. Note that if the game is just starting or you are at a low level, you will need to avoid the enemies because they will most likely eliminate you quickly. From this point on, you’re trying to get out of the tunnel, and to do that, you’ll want to head south toward the receding landscape. You will land on the blessing site soon and see the tunnel exit. Your next step is to travel to the southwest towards Aeonia Swamp Shore by Grace.

Make sure to jump on Torrent while running in the swamp; If not, you will be dealt a Scarlet Root damage that will likely be your fate. After you reach this checkpoint, continue southwest until you reach Caelid Waypoint Ruins. Find another staircase that leads into a dark tunnel (you’ll probably want to use a flashlight here). Once inside, there will be those pesky monsters that will shoot arrows at you; It shouldn’t be a big deal, but if that’s the case, just run after them and pick up the item in the room, it’ll be The Meteoritic Ore Blade!

meteorite ore blade

This blade is a formidable weapon Primarily proportional to dexterity, strength and intelligence And flourish in dealing Slant and puncture damage To fight at close range. As described,He forged a katana from meteoric ore to send life forms born from falling stars. It causes magical damage. The blade is so heavy, it is known to present slashes of ferocity that the impact is said to be like the crash of a falling meteorite.” You will notice that heavy attack and some other slashes are unique to the katana.

In addition to sword melee damage, this katana is also Causes an accumulation of blood lossAdd variety to the weapon. her skill, Gravitascontinues to add more variety by using gravity magic to lure your enemies inside while destroying them (while looking hugely cool).

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