How to get the Secret Haligtree Medal

FromSoftware games can be pretty awkward when it comes to unlocking hidden areas, and Elden Ring is no exception – bringing together Secret Hallmark Medal Cutting to get into the dedicated snowfields is definitely one of the most involved pieces.

if you follow Latina mission Until the end, not only will you get two Haligtree Secret Medallion coins, but you will also earn an awesome coin Ash Soulaccess to devoted snowfields, a Semper stone ancient dragon On top of it all. You can start the mission once you reach Liurnia of the Lakes.


How to get the Secret Haligtree Medal (right)

  • He traveled to The village of AlbenorexIt is found directly south of Raya Lucarya Academy. It is hidden under the massive overhanging mountain. Avoid the giant crabs and head towards the village.
  • From the village of Benorix, the site of the blessing of the head the East To the back corner of the area, after the annoying enemy who threw sparks of fire. You will find one large clay pot. Hit it, but only once. A cry of alarm will be heard, and the old Albus, Alpenoric, will appear.
  • After talking with Albus and learning about the attack on his village, he will give you the Haligtree Secret Medal (right) and ask you to take it to Latenna, the Binori warrior.

warning: Now that you have the secret Haligtree Medal (on the right), you will be conquered by insha On your next visit to holding a round table. It is not explicitly spelled out, but Gideon Ofner is responsible for destroying the village of Albinoris in his quest for the piece of the medal she now owns. Ensha, as Gideon’s servant, attacks you to get the medal piece for his master. Talking to Gideon after the attack will reveal very little, but it will prompt you to look for the Pinorian woman (Latina).

Find a latina

  • travels to Lakeside Crystal Cave A small dungeon, located directly south of the Boilprawn Shack and Blessing site on Scenic Isle.
  • After defeating the Dungeon Boss, a Police dog knightHe continued past the President’s Square and exited the cave. You will find yourself in a clearing with latina Sit to the left next to her slain wolf companion.

Talk to Latinna and Agree to take her to Haligtree. It will tell you the location of the secret Haligtree Medal (on the left).

Thank you, my good one. They say the other half of the medal lies outside the forbidden lands north of Erdtree. In Sol Castle, on the tops of the Giants Mountains, it can be reached by the large Roald Elevator.

Latin The Albinauric – Ashes of the Strong Soul

Latinna will then become Spirit Ash and join you on your journey.

The Latinna is a powerful addition to your Spirit Ash collection, and although it has some limitations, it can provide them Support big ranged It became invaluable with good positioning. As an Albinori, she is unable to walk or move on her own, so Placement is key. Once summoned, it will do Must rid together to sit together And regularly shoot arrows at any enemies in the vicinity.

hidden ability: Peñori women warriors are known for them wolf companions. If a wild wolf is riding near a Latina position, the wolf will ride and become mobile, shooting arrows from the wolf’s rear as it rides around the battlefield.

How to get the Secret Haligtree Medal (left)

  • Later in the game, once you reach the tops of the Giants Mountains, travel to Sol . Castle In the northern part of the map. You’ll encounter a walking shrine patrolling the outside of Seoul Castle. put it down.
  • Battle your way through Castle Sol and defeat Commander NialOne of the toughest bosses in the game.
  • After defeating Commander Niall, continue on the boss’s path to the top of the tower, and you’ll get Secret Hallmark Medal (left).

Complete the Latinna mission

  • With two Haligtree Secret Medallion halves in hand, head back to The Great Elevator of Rold It is located at the northern end of the Forbidden Lands.
  • In the elevator, you will receive a prompt to select the medal you wish to use. Choose “Secret Lifting Medal. “Following this path will take you to the consecrated snow field.
  • After a blind ride through the snowstorm and reach Dedicated Indoor Snow Field The site of grace you will find the area Map part To the north across the frozen river and next to a large tree. Keep an eye out for wolves patrols in the area.
  • A trip to the northwestern part of the snow field dedicated. You will need to bypass one of the more dangerous walking shrines (You’d better download it before continuing.)
  • Continue after the shrine walk to Abandoned apostateThe ruin of an old abandoned church in the snowfields (marked with an a .). red circle on the map above).

Inside, you will discover a file The giant benorec woman Resting in the ruins. interact with it, and latina She will appear and speak with the giant woman, the Benoric, to complete her quest. After talking to her, Latina will address you:

Thank you. I finally achieved my goal. Our tall, young sister will give us hope. Now that nothing is left unfinished, I will engage you in battle to the bitter end. And when the fighting is over, you may comfort me. Next to Lobo, my dear wolf.

Latinna will give you permission Semper stone ancient dragonjust one eight Found in the whole game.

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